Thursday, January 27, 2011

One Unpitted Olive

Anyone remember Dennis Kucinich? He was one of the many Democrat candidates for President in 2008. Well you will be sad to learn that while eating at the Capital Food Service Congressman Kucinich bit into an unpitted olive that was inadvertently placed in his sandwich and “broke a tooth.”

The pain and suffering Mr. Kucinich has endured since this unfortunate accident has led him to file a lawsuit against the food service providers for $150,000 in district court. The cost of the dental repairs most likely won’t be a factor in the suit because Kucinich is covered by dental insurance in that “Cadillac” policy provided free of charge by we the taxpayers. What is interesting is the fact that this “accident” occurred back in April of 2008 yet Democrat Kucinich silently suffered for over 3 years before the dollar signs came on in his head and he filed suit. Perhaps he didn’t want something this ridiculous to be an issue during his presidential run. Just who is this idiot?

Kucinich’s former re-election website makes the claim that he is “America’s most courageous congressman.” Kucinich makes the claim on his congressional website that a “not-for-profit” healthcare system ran by our government would lower healthcare costs for everyone yet it is exactly actions like this lawsuit that drive up our liability costs.

No Mr. Kucinich, what would lower healthcare costs is sweeping tort reform that would include a mandate for a minimum number of days in jail for people filing frivolous lawsuits because they are opportunists seeking a lottery win. Lawyers taking these cases should also be mandated to join you in your jail cell.

Story sources: Cheeky? ----  Kucinich website


  1. Normal Democrat thinking and he only makes $180,000 a year plus benefits

  2. another weak post...
    without reading the filing we can only speculate on the actual issue.
    the "free press" of amelika just might have an agenda.
    malpractice and "frivolous" legal actions account for roughly 1% of legal costs...on the other hand, the laws written by the corpse-rat legal thugs in con-gress cost us a great deal indeed.
    those who favor "tort reform" are the same folk who threw us to the mercies of deregulated banks, insurance companies, energy companies etc etc.
    look where that got us.
    once again, focusing on a peanut while the boulder on the ledge rocks our way.

  3. Gee BIG JOHNSON you should look at the cheeky link where the nes article does have a link to that "filing" you could read (if you know how)

    Why do you always spout off with your brain being disengaged?

  4. super...

    sorry about spouting off...
    thought i'd play republi-con for a bit.
    but really, super...
    why piss around about potential foolishness by some light-weight from ohio...
    we have the bushviks and their criminal destruction of our nation to deal with...
    and the bush-lite presently in office intent on finishing us off.

    by the by...
    who told you about my big johnson...
    did i get drunk and forget?

    so, do you like the t-shirts?

  5. include a mandate for a minimum number of days in jail for people filing frivolous lawsuits because they are opportunists seeking a lottery win. Lawyers taking these cases should also be mandated to join you in your jail cell.

    Do you think before posting this feel-good tripe?

    You sound like a corporate stooge.

  6. now that corporations are "persons"...
    watch the "frivolous law suits" spike.
    they did plenty before their new status awarded by the "supremes".
    wonder why there was never a penalty for them?

  7. Johnson-

    I am still trying to understand why you have the need to denigrate corporations.

    I find your comments somewhere between remarkably misinformed to dangerously stupid, and for what it is worth I am a liberal slightly left of Micheal Moore.

    It is also more than a bit ironic that as you continue to badmouth these corporations, you are doing it on a computer designed by corporate R&D, powered by electricity probably produced through coal, hauled by a train that is fueled by foreign oil.

    Its kind of like the loudest anti gay preacher being busted doing meth with a male prostitute.

    Might be a better use of your time to learn how to form a complete sentence.

  8. decon:

    thanks for the critique...
    will take it under advisement.

    corporations are the bane of the country, indeed, the world.
    the institutions that you are so happy about for bringing your necessities of life, do so via the death of small business and consolidation of market options, many on government subsidy (walmart, for example muscles localities for free sids and delayed taxes and have received over 8 bil in gov subsidies) and many with foreign workers.
    this christian behavior bleeds money from our community. seems clear.
    i grew up in a small business killed by corporate market take over.
    spent 15 years in another small business also done in by fed and market favors to the corporations.
    finally, you know you are no longer free when government and corporations buddy up...
    it's called the definition of fascism.

    despite your having missed these issues while standing left of michal moore...
    i don't feel the need to call you stupid.

  9. Johnson-

    The bottom line, to quote Gordon Gecko, is greed is good.

    I state that because quite simply people, many people would die without the contributions of these companies. I am in no way defending Walmart, or any other cheap and easy targets of your diatribes.

    The problem is a much deeper one, as was highlighted in Professor Jerod Diamonds book, Guns, Germs, and Steel, in which he outlines why some cultures will always be poor, and some will thrive. His later book. Collapse, highlights the failure of the system.

    The running theme is that cultures thrive because of their ability to sustain themselves, mostly via agriculture. We live under that now, as the world population would NOT be sustainable if not for the advances courtesy of DuPont, Monsanto, Agrium, Merck, and the other heavy players in the ag field.

    This is only the Ag industry. Add to that the massive logistics needed to support people in their necessities from medication, energy, housing, transportation, educational, communications needs etc. etc. etc.

    It is easy to throw cheap shots out there of the outrageous misconduct of some of the companies. However, the answer you seem to be promoting is a move back to the stone age.

    I do believe your overly simplified whining about the ills of our economic system is dangerous in an age of accepted violence towards organization that are denigrated as evil.

    We all have access to google. I would suggest thinking through your posts a little more thoroughly before posting.

  10. decon:

    sure is swell of ya to help haul my sorry ass up out of the hole of ignorance...
    been hopin' somebody would be that kind most of my benighted years.

    i suppose i shouldn't be surprised by your philosophy on greed.
    all the wizards in our culture live there.
    it's kind of how we got where we are here in the greatest christian nation on the planet.

    you might not get the intentions of corpse-rats.
    surely it would be theoretically possible for them to do good...

    i haven't checked the dept of commerce of late. a couple years back 61% of registered corpse-rats paid ZERO taxes...that would be 000.
    and that would be despite billions in profits...the biggest profits in history.
    in fact...
    our dear friends exon-mobile COLLECTED taxes, lots of them...
    and the monkey boy forgave their royalty payments to the amelikan citizen...only 18 bil.
    18 bil here, 18 bil there...
    it's all among friends, no?
    but those claims fall into the category of dangerously stupid...
    like the people who trusted their pensions to goldman sex, er sachs.
    would the results of that robbery qualify for your "dangerously stupid"?
    i hope not...
    there be stupid all over the country...
    apparently there be dangerous in most places.
    but dangerously stupid?
    there only be a few of us.

    seems to me, in my time, a whole lot of people, particularly woman, children and elderly, have died BECAUSE of corpse-rats. korea, nam, iraq 1, iraq 2, afghanistan.
    i think general dynamics was distributing baby food in hue back in the day...inside 90mm shells.
    don't want to get hung up on the trivial...
    but something like 3 mil south east asians lost there lives for, as former sex-rat-ary of de-fence mac-numb-mara whined in his best seller, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.
    we know that 1 tril went down in iraq with the justification of a LIE. the lie that made dem hayrabs die...a few million more dead.
    that's what you get with the bonding of government and corporations...could be one definition of fascism: "you will receive life's supply from who we tell you to make your over payment to". absolute consolidation gets the same thing accomplished.
    remember the good old daze when some kind folk, with your best interests in mind, promised us (dangerously?) stupids that deregulation would save us money...
    well, the US was them.
    my heat bill went from $150 to $400? that's my SHARE as oppressed
    to the SHARES handed as freebies to the incompetent top hogs WE HAVE TO BUY ENERGY FROM. (that would be the "free market" power company that was gonna save me money.
    did i get that right?
    maybe just dangerously stupid again.
    i do carry on stupidly...
    there may not really be 4-500 corpse-rats that would do....

  11. Johnson-

    Yes you are carrying on stupidly.

    Yes it is very easy to throw diatribes against some corporations, and their exploits.

    I think you miss the bigger point, in your obvious resentment, of the capitalist economic system being necessary for the survival of society. In fact to take it a step further, capitalism is simply an extension of evolution.

    Other economic systems simply are not as nimble and efficient.

    I continue to take issue with your seriously misguided rantings, as well as your spelling.

    Really if you want to claim ANY credibility, you would actually mention something beneficial rather than continue your exhibition of googling while drinking.

    And finally "Nam"?

    Seriously get over it, no one uses that word since the 70's.

  12. And another thing Johnson-

    As you continue to whine about corporations (I assume that is what you mean with the "corpse-rat" thing)not paying taxes, you conveniently fail to mention that all corporations are owned by the shareholders, and the shareholders certainly are taxed.

  13. decon...

    the question of carrying on stupidly was a bit on your own words.

    i might be missing the bigger point...
    which corpse-rat do you put lipstick on every morning?

    you might want to submit "the capitalist economic system being necessary for the survival of society) to the nobel committee...
    i'd bet they don't know that yet.

    capitalist free-fall would be "nimble" indeed...
    don't know about "efficient".

    the british had fun with capitalism until they stated getting their ass kicked by those they were bleeding to prop up their failing "homeland".
    make you think of any "society" of late?

    continue to take issue with my spelling...
    it is SOOO removed from the "real" thing.
    would complicate dyslexia, i suppose.

    did you know that some of the "shareholders" of goldman sex, er, sachs paid hundreds of thousands for their "SHARE"?
    and then the rest of us paid again.
    might be the best deal in capitalism, no?

    nam will always be NAM for vets of that time.
    apparently unkie sham can't seem to remember nam.
    we got our ass kicked there (though corpse-rats like general dynamics had its highest profits ever...until now)...
    and now, lost in iraq...
    working on it in afghanistan.

  14. Johnson-

    Do you have a point anywhere in your rantings?

    Perhaps you may want to sign up for the Hoot colony, so you will no longer have to deal with capitalism.

    By the way, in the interest of disclosure, I do own shares of Goldman Sachs, as well as some other companies. Some of them are fantatstic companies, such as Apple or Berkshire Hathaway.

    I would suggest that if you want to continue to rant, you should actually have a point, and research some actual facts.

  15. obviously it should be YOUR point.

    and we should only tolerate your corpse-rat suck ass rants about how wonderful our system is here in the greatest christian nation on the planet.

    'spose anybody gets tired of your chicken?

  16. ps...

    enjoy your welfare payments from...
    goldman sucks.

  17. By the time I read through the comments I couldn't even remember what the topic was. If the topic were a road, the comments would be off the road, through the ditch, through the field, and high centered on a rock pile across the county line.