Tuesday, January 4, 2011

One Last Dastardly Despicable Deed from the Departing Hill County Commissioner

It appears that defeated Hill County Commissioner Mike Anderson couldn’t resist taking one last poke at his old courthouse rival retiring Superintendent of schools Shirley Isabel. In what was billed as a going away party at the courthouse Anderson went on and on about outgoing treasurer Carrie Dickson’s 20 years of service and presented her with a nice plaque as a memento of her time at the courthouse. It soon became painfully obvious to everyone in attendance that the retiring Isabel, who worked over 25 years in the courthouse as the superintendent of schools, was going to be ignored by Anderson. A person attending the party told us that most of the crowd became extremely uncomfortable and many were glowing crimson in the shame of the occasion. After a deafening silence fellow commissioner Mike Wendland finally asked Shirley Isabel if she wanted to say anything. Shirley, who was hurt and visibly shaken by the rudeness said a few words and scurried away from the embarrassing and uncomfortable occasion.

Interestingly, Commissioner Kathy Bessette who worked with Shirley all of her 25 years in the courthouse stood silently by looking at the floor. No matter the political differences the Commissioners had with Isabel this was another childish exhibit of just why we at the Corrector think they all need to be replaced. Shirley put her heart and soul into her job these past 25 years and deserved better than the kick in the pants she took from these idiots. I can hardly wait for next election so we can kiss one more of these unprofessional childish commissioners goodbye.

What I really find disgusting is the political payoff given to Anderson when he was anointed to a $60,000 per year management job in the insurance auditor’s office after he was stomped in the primary election. Supposedly he is going to oversee the investigations of the auditor’s office in Helena. He has no prior experience at this type of work, has no training other than his high school diploma received from Havre High in 1980 and is being hired simply as a spoils of a political system run amuck.

Bye Bye and good riddance
Please forgive us Mike if we fail to run by to kiss you goodbye and give you a plaque.


  1. I have heard about the shabby treatment Shirley received at Mike’s hand all over town. The real question you failed to address was why they were having a party on company time in the first place? Do we have too many county employees?

    Did Carrie’s plaque have a HO-HO wired on it? I hope the new treasurer will put an end to chowing down at the computer while customers wait.

  2. I have worked with co-workers,some for 20 years,some i disliked,but i would extend my hand and give them the respect they earned.So i agree its time to make some changes.

  3. I am sooooooooo glad Anderson is now officially gone. Let’s hope the other two join him soon.

    Does anyone actually know why Mike was given that job in Helena? Does he have naked pictures of someone in Lindeen’s office he is using for blackmail?

  4. have known our departing super for more than twenty years...
    addressed a number of issues over the years.
    if she didn't have an immediate answer, she got it fast and it was always per the law.
    there lies the problem.
    she refused to set aside the law to meet the fancy of the commissioners.
    the commissioners wanted a pandy and didn't get it.

  5. I guess what is funny about it is I don't care one way or the other.Anderson shorted out her computer and she wouldn't pay us for the computer so togeather they stuck us for $2,900.00 with the help of Terry Stoppa.