Friday, July 15, 2011

Atlas Shrugged Airing in Rudyard this Weekend

This just in from one of our readers.

The movie Atlas Shrugged will be airing at the Hi-Line Theater in Rudyard this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The movie starts at 7 pm. Tickets are 5 bucks and “old-fashioned” theater popcorn is only a dollar. Take a drive to Rudyard and support one of the only Montana theaters to show this controversial film.  Maybe dinner and a movie is in order for this weekend?  Anyone know if there is a place to eat in Rudyard before the movie?

Atlas Shrugged is based on the 1957 novel by Ayn Rand. While the novel that portrayed the takeover of the country by a government run amuck was considered “fiction” in 1957 there are striking similarities to what has happened in America the last few decades. Stephen Moore, the Wall Street Journal’s senior economics writer wrote an excellent article about how the things portrayed in Rand’s book has gone from fiction to fact in the last 50 odd years. Read the article here


  1. Spencer's bar & grill in Hingham has a broasted chicken dinner special on Friday evenings and there is the Inverness bar and streakhouse in Inverness, 6miles west of Rudyard, that is noted for their food. Don't know if the Rudyard cafe is open on weekend evenings or not. Their is a barbeque Sat. afternoon in Hingham park after the HEDA golf tournament that is open to non golfers with a donation. About 5:00 pm.

  2. Thank you so much for that information Mayday

    There you have it ......... Dinner and a movie up the hi-line this weekend

  3. A trip to the Hi-line Theater is always a treat. The owners Gus and Ophelia will treat you right. I bet you have never been offered an extra seat cushion at any other theater.
    Cudos for the Gustafson's for offering this movie. I am hoping to take it in tomorrow night, unless the wife goes into labor.

  4. I went and saw the movie and enjoyed it. It's just too big a concept to try and fit into 90 minutes. It probably should have been a miniseries.
    Unfortunately this is only the first part of a trilogy.
    FYI Don't take someone that constantly asks what is going on in a normal movie, because they will be completely confounded by this one. It's a thinker.

  5. No one is showing it because few want to watch it. Especially considering the terrible reviews it received:

    But, I suppose that's just what the liberal, communist leftist reviews want you to think. Support your local establishments though. Mike Spencer is a class act all the way.

  6. Isn't that how free market works? Demand dictates supply? Low demand for a poorly done movie, low supply of locations to watch it?

  7. The truth is never in big demand. That's partly why a lot of very good candidates never get elected. The truth makes people uncomfortable and they would rather be lied to than deal with reality.

  8. I went to this movie this weekend and I found it thought provoking and I am glad the Hi-Line theatre had the courage to bring it to our area. There was a decent crowd so not everyone stayed away because of those poor reviews. I presume that any poor reviews this movie received were from the liberal media that doesn’t want anybody telling a story that doesn’t fit into their view of world utopia. Did you even see the film Fitty?

    No one wants to admit that our once great country is in decline because of government interference in business and the expectations of entitlements from our citizens.

  9. The couple e-mails we received said this was a decent film and they were glad the Gustafson’s brought it to our area. Also if you would like a weekly e-mail update as to what films will be playing in Rudyard just send an e-mail to Ophelia Gustafson at and she will gladly add you to her e-mail list.