Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Hey ……………..  Isn’t this the same nanny-stater that wants to take the toys out of Happy Meals and regulate what all school kids eat?  Do as I say not as I do


  1. Also a double standard that this is published the day of Betty Ford's funeral, who is credited for giving credibility to the AA faith and the recovery industry cartel- neither of which deserve credibility nor admiration.

    Perhaps it should also be considered a double standard that Dr Drew Pinsky is still given credibility even after he publicly killed two of his star patients, Mike Starr and Jeff Conaway.

    Perhaps it should also be a double standard that Dr? Phil is still given credibility as a counselor, after the State of Texas yanked his license for having (according to the patient) sex with the patient.

    We live in a society that so accepts double standards that it is so commonplance we hardly notice anymore.

  2. I am sick to death of people trying to tell us how to live while they do the exact opposite. Does the government really need to be involved with what I have for lunch? This big-assed low class bimbo needs to just take care of herself and not worry about the rest of us.

    Al Gore also fits into this category. Jets all around the country wasting fuel and spewing carbon while telling us to walk and save the earth. He lives in a big energy sucking mansion with a huge old growth redwood deck while telling us to save the forests.

  3. ummm, that looks more like a cookie than ribs.

  4. Why do I think this was the pic the HDC was trying to link.

  5. The picture fits perfectly

    We have to shed ourselves of this couple