Monday, July 4, 2011

Present Day Bullhook Bottoms

The following Guest article has been submitted by a Havre Author who plans on bringing out readers a regular column about the happening’s here in Bull Hook Bottoms. I hope everyone enjoys the continuing saga of “our little town” and here is the first episode describing the characters.

Corrector, I don't always agree with the blog but in this case you're right about electing "new blood” to the city council.

The present group reminds me of a TV series of "yesteryear".

First, we have the lead character who plays the town mayor---Marshal Dillon. He is the head "stud" of the town meeting gang. His educational credentials include 12grades and Rodeo University. He visits the town hall occasionally but his favorite "chore" is having a "chew" with his main boss's at the "County Seat".

Second, there is --Miss Kitty; She just returned from her favorite region of the country---the East. Miss Kitty was "enlightened" to inform the town's people that "laws are made by men” and they make mistakes! Now she thinks she made a mistake on the "Smoke Signal" ban and her constant mantra is ----"What ever are we to do?"

Third, there is ---Yosemite Sam---of Bugs Bunny cartoon fame. Sam retired from the railroad RUBBER ROOM safety dept. Where he shot himself in the foot. Yosemitee lost his first election, ran again unopposed and his pal the Marshal put him on --guess where--the safety committee! First time out of the chute, old Sam rats on Bullhook Bottoms safety procedures to the Territorial Capital. Marshall Dillon loves Sam, so he put him in for an award. Marshall says. "Sam is doing well learning his A B C's".

Fourth, ---our beloved ---Festus. He doesn't like much attending the town hall meetings because it keeps him from his "back it ball" games and horseshoe try outs. Well Sir, one day old Festus went swimming in Bullhook Creek. There he dried his hair with a rusty looking towel and guess what folks----no hair!

Fifth, there is aging----Doc Holiday; Poor old Doc can no longer distinguish between "practicing medicine" and "practicing business". He thought that a local hotelier should just post signs telling his clientele to use rust tainted towels washed from the water of Bullhook Creek. Never mind that those cowboys paid $100 silver dollars for their digs and pack six shooters.

To be continued................

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