Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Havre Citizens are beginning to Protest

It would appear that our little blogging team aren’t the only ones upset with some members of the Havre City Council. I just noticed this sign tonight when I went to the grocery store as it is erected directly across the street from IGA. Democrat Councilman Bob Kaul is up for election this year and is being challenged by Republican Rick Dow. However Councilmen Jerry Vies and Bob Kaftan have two years remaining on their terms.

I stopped and took a close look at the sign and there is not any endorsement by any particular person or group. Anybody know anything about why this sign was erected? It was professionally done so it has cost someone some bucks. Was it one idiotic council action that motivated this sign or just the accumulation of lunacy that has occurred this past year? Two democrats – one Republican named so it is bipartisan irritation.

Thinking about it I would say there are plenty of reasons a person could be this upset……………..Pick one.

At least I got my giggle for today.


  1. I think the whole town is starting to feel this way. I see in tonights paper Pam Hillary is now stirring up the hate mongering with the gay and lesbian community all in the name of political partys

    Her name should have been on this sign also


    That's what the 4th of July was all about. Freedom to express ones self with signs is one of our freedoms.

    Anyone want to bet this awesome council will make them take this sign down? Set backs, zoning, sign size or something will be all wrong

  3. Yeah, like the spelling of Gerry's name

  4. The Havre Daily has an article about this sign in tonight’s paper. The paper’s story leads you to believe it was erected by the Great Northern Inn owner because of the response he got when he complained about the water turning his towels brown. The city is throwing out reasons the sign is illegal to make him take it down. I hope he fights them tooth and nail.

    We are all sick of dirty water.

    Go Great Northern Inn

  5. I went to the city council meeting once when I had an issue and was basically told tough shit followed up by an UP YOURS. Community service minded they ain’t

    Glad someone is taking their sucky attitudes to task and I am also happy that the stupid newspaper gave this sign front page coverage for a free political advertisment

  6. I certainly hope that there is a fight before the sign is taken down.

    Anyway about it, the more the powers that be complain, find rules, make excuses, and demand the sign come down, the more it appears that they are desparate whiners.

    This is in addition to the attention they are drawing to themselves. In a nutshell, the more they complain the worst they appear.

    I also think that if the sign owner chooses too, a legal fight may draw statewide or perhaps even national attention, due to the fact that political forces are overtly attepting to SILENCE someones first amendment rights.

    This is the EXACT reason the founding faithers of this country made the RIGHT to free speech the very first amendment.

    I would personally have a really big problem with the political forces in Havre spending time and resources in legal action trying to silence someone.

  7. I heard the city sent one of their lackeys (either Mutt or Jeff I am unsure which) down Thursday morning to demand that the sign be taken down or “they were going to remove it and cut it up into itsy little pieces.

    It is a wonder that it is still standing but the week is still young.

  8. I love how Bill did not have the courage to put this sign in front of one of his business. It could have been by the Duck,Imporium or Murphys but then that might hurt his business who cares about the guys renting his building. He was slamming Vies for stupidity than he pulls this on a renter struggling to make it nice guy.