Thursday, July 14, 2011

Why are Food Prices Skyrocketing?

Great article published over at the New American explaining why food costs are skyrocketing. The Bush haters are in luck as a good portion of the rise in food costs can be directly attributed to the governments forcing of ethanol production under pressure from the enviro-nuts under Bushes watch. The article in the New American claims that 40% of America’s corn production is now used to make “fuel out of food” which has driven the price of corn up from around $2.40 a bushel to around $7.40 a bushel today. Likewise other cereal grains have risen because of increased demands caused by the use of corn for ethanol.

Since most of the cost of finishing a critter that provides us the meat we eat is the cost of corn and cereal grains they too have seen doubling in price the last few years which of course is passed on to the consumer. When the wonderful Clean Air Act of 1992 (yep, good old Clinton) required that methyl tertiary butyl ether be added to gas to reduce emissions ethanol went to the forefront as the cheapest source. Not to be outdone by the past two presidents mistakes Obama has ratcheted up the clamor for alternative fuels further rising food prices

Read the facts for yourself over at the New American. What can be done to reverse this trend?



  1. Quite an oversimplified explanation of the problem.

    All commodity prices are way up- check out gold, copper, or oil. Copper theives are now stealing entire air conditioning units off the sides of houses in Chicago.

    This is because of the weakening of the dollar, via George W Bush fighting a couple of wars on a Chinese credit card on not having anyone on his staff that has ever read a book on history. Or perhaps a book on anything.

    The big money of the world would rather be in commodities than T bills. This article also does not go into the fact that -amazingly- hard working people in developing economies want to eat better.

    The one exception to the rise on commodity prices is natural gas, and that is directly related to the changes by the US dept of energy that revised estimates on the amount of fuel in the ground, and as T Boone Pickens continues to promote, as extremely abundent.

    In the bigger picture, Americans are going to have a hard time competing with these economies because Americans have become fat, lazy, and stupid. While their economies become based on manufacturing and holding debt, ours have turned into casino attendents and the marketing of Chinese goods via Walmart.

  2. Stop forcing refiners to blend ethanol

    End government ethanol subsidies

    And drill and mine the largest energy reserves in the world right here in Montana

    Simple enough start I would say

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