Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Return with me to yesteryear and another episode of the Bullhook Bottoms town hall gang!

Miss Kitty has just returned from her favorite part of the country -- The East where she was reared and educated.

Marshal Dillon, the mayor of the Bottoms asked: "Miss Kitty did you visit our beloved leader and did he have any ideas on what we should do about our water problems here at "the Bottoms"?

Miss Kitty---"I declare Marshal, I'm glad you should ask me that"! Our beloved leader thought that we should get water from another "crick". I told him I was more concerned about the air in "fly over" country. I told the beloved leader I was working on the FOUL AIR REDUCTION TREATY -----or FART.

Festus asked? "How would that work, Miss Kitty?”

"Well I don't rightly know Festus" answered Miss Kitty; I reckon our gang of eight could come up with some kind of law.

Yosemite Sam spoke up and exclaimed that he would be willing to "investigate" and rat out any cowboys and cowgirls that pass gas around the "Bottoms".

Doc Holiday thought we should put up signs saying that passing gas was a violation of the FART treaty.

Festus said......our "back et" ball team would throw a "jock fit" if they couldn't pass gas and laugh about it!

Miss Kitty said "gang this is serious; we have foul air in THE BOTTOMS; could it be our Water?"

To be continued........................


  1. Fuelburner, you should learn how to spell! If it is a waste of time for you, why read and post on the blog?

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  3. My goodness how did I do such a goof I miss keyed now father thinks I'm a dumb person how will I ever sleep tonight.