Saturday, July 9, 2011

Montana Chamber's Legislative Scorecard

Webb Brown, President of the Montana Chamber of Commerce released the Chambers 2011 voting review of the 62nd Legislature. All the Senators and Representatives are ranked on the scorecard as to how pro-business they voted this session.

The following are the “grades” attributed to our local representatives by the Montana Chamber;

Senator Rowlie Hutton SD 17 – 95%
Senator Jonathan Windyboy SD 16 – 21%
Representative Tony Belcourt HD 32 – 47%
Representative Kris Hansen HD 33 – 90%
Representative Wendy Warburton HD 34 – 96%

A special thanks to those that supported Montana businesses

View the full report at Montana Chamber Scorecard


  1. That much partisanship on BOTH sides shows a serious lack of statesmanship and also demonstrates political party loyalty is prioritized over the interests of the people of Montana.

    We send these people to do our business in Helena, not to be cheerleaders for their red or blue team.

  2. I noticed when reading the score card that most Democrats were given a failing grade when it came to promoting industry in Montana. No matter how much bad press our local representatives received by the perverse news media during this last session it is evident they did vote to support our local businesses. Thanks Rep Hansen, Warburton and Senator Hutton

    I wonder of the HDN will dare do a positive story about these three representatives? Probably not as that would ruin their trash ‘em 100% of the time reporting record

  3. All of them are just as bad as the Havre City Council.

  4. No matter how the liberal press portrayed this last session the fact remains that the Democrats only advanced job killing legislation which expanded extreme regulations. I will have to continue to vote for the Republicans even though they got caught up in cowboy ethic nonsense and other social stupidity.
    They were the only ones that actually tried to make Montana business friendly