Saturday, July 30, 2011

Senator Tester Strikes Back against BIG SPENDER Label

You can certainly tell that the 2012 election is starting to generate a head of steam judging by the amount of mailings and fund-raising pleas our blogging team members have been receiving from the Candidates for Senate. In addition third party groups are making media buys to advocate for the candidate of their choice. One recent ad drawing controversy was ran by an advocacy group called Concerned Women for American Legislative Action Committee (CWALAC) which targets Senator Jon “No Ear Marks Ever” Tester for aiding and abiding out of control spending in Washington. The ad, which is published below, makes fun of the recent passage of ObamaCare by advertising a make believe drug called “Spentitol” and asks viewers to call Tester’s office and tell him to “stop spending it all.”

Not unlike our local councilman Vies Senator Tester decided he couldn’t just leave well enough alone and shot out a scathing fund-raising letter to his supports denouncing the ad and further went on to accuse the CWALAC of lobbying against recent legislation to protect children against child pornographers. The truth of the matter is that CWALAC are well established as anti-pornography crusaders and opposed the legislation Tester referred to because it was “too watered down” and did nothing to stop child pornography. The twisting of facts of CWLAC’s position in this matter was bad enough but what the amateur Tester campaign team also failed to investigate was the fact that CWALAC’s CEO Penny Nance was herself a victim of a sexual attack by a pornography addict and has made ending child pornography her personal live long crusade.

Way to put your foot-in-mouth Senator Tester. Nance has called upon the Senator’s office to issue a public apology for this distortion of fact. What do you think? Will Tester “man-up” and make this right or again go with his status quo and just go into hiding now that the heat is turned up?

Watch the ad that offended Tester below and check the article over at The Daily Caller for the rest of the story

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  1. Tester gets labeled as a big spender because he is a big spender