Monday, August 22, 2011

Business Savvy Legislators – Montana Style

You may all recall Democrat House District 94 Representative Ellie Hill from Missoula. Ellie took Havre’s House District 33 Representative Kris Hansen to task this last session for supporting what Ellie described as the anti-gay bill which would have made illegal the City of Missoula’s recent ordinance which allows cross-dressers to use women’s public bathrooms. Ellie was so angry over Hansen’s stance on this bill she vowed to mobilize her fellow Missoula activists to come to Havre next campaign to see to it Hansen is defeated. Ellie also tirelessly voted against much of the pro-business legislation offered this past legislative session because she “knew what was best” for the business climate of Montana. Well it would appear that Ellie’s business savvy has gotten her in a bit of a pickle.

In November of 2005 Ellie and her husband John Hill opened a gift shop called Ellie Blue Timeless Gifts in an old historic building in downtown Missoula. As I was reading the article announcing the opening of this business in an old online Missoulian article I couldn’t help but think that this poor mis-guided out-of-stater is but yet another in the long list of Montana imports that wants Montana to retain our rustic charm and untouched scenery even while we are dying on the vine for lack of promoting any sane use of our resources. Well the Missoulapolis Blog has a recent report that the chickens are finally coming home to roost for poor Ellie and her husband as the bank has started foreclosure proceedings against the real property housing the gift shop business. The foreclosure auction is scheduled for this October.

On the local front Democrat Senator Jonathan Windy Boy just had a $33,003.48 dollar federal tax lien filed against him for failure to pay his 1040 tax.

With leadership of this caliber is it any wonder Montana has the poorest business climate in the nation?

H/T to Missoulapolis


  1. This is why I try to vote for someone with some business experience that has actually had to produce an income for employees

  2. It is important to remember the Federal supersedes the state, the state supersedes the county and the county supersedes the city. Rep. Hansen was correct in enforcing the rules of authority. Which also brings up the Montana Sportsmen trying to pass laws that override the federal gun control legislation: While I applaud them I know it won’t stand. You can’t lose your 2nd amendment rights in Montana if you were born here and served all your penalties and parole by the state of Montana you are good to have a firearm again but the Feds can come anytime and take you in. The governments must be made to obey the law just like we have to.

  3. I agree, Feds trump state, but we need to push back as much as we can. The current intrepretation of the commerce clause is 100% wrong in my opinion.

  4. Not smart enough to run a store selling junk but Missoula thought she was good enough to run a State spending millions?

    Kind of like our last Havre representative who is now bagging groceries at IGA. Nothing wrong with being a boxboy. I did it too when I was a freshman in highschool

    I am voting for Kris Hanson again next time. She is the best representative we have had in years.