Thursday, February 16, 2012

Another Challenger to the Challenger in HD34

I was simply dazzled by yet another informative article in last night’s paper by award winning investigative journalist Timmy Leeds - above the fold no less.Timmy is indeed talented in stretching No news into column filler for the “News” paper.   Here is what new facts were reported by Timmy along with a few lines of filler material.
A new face has entered a hotly contested race for the state Legislature.
Sarah Beth Singer of Havre filed as a Democrat Tuesday in the race for House District 34 in northern Hill and Blaine counties.
Singer had not returned a call asking for comment by deadline this morning.             THE END

First – is this race indeed hotly contested? The incumbent is Wendy Warburton-R who has filed for re-election. A few weeks back Karen Sloan-D filed to run against her. Now here comes Sarah to throw her hat in the ring. I have not seen one advertisement, article or radio spot where any candidate said one thing about the race. It is like they file and go silent. Just how is that a hotly contested race? Warburton challenged by two political newcomers?

Secondly, Timmy Leeds has been the so called political “correspondent” at the Havre Daily for many years. Why is it he missed reporting the fact that Sarah Singer is in fact the wife of Senator Jonathan Windy Boy who has been in office for over a decade? Surely you have run across her a time or two when covering the local “News” and political functions.

Moreover, HRDC where Sarah works regularly advertises the Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP) in the Havre paper and lists Sarah as the contact person because she is the Energy Assistant Specialist. Of course, like usual what we are told in the newspaper article is that “Singer had not returned a call asking for comment by deadline this morning” - DUH!

Welcome to the race Sarah and good luck. Might we humbly suggest that in the future you write your own press releases and submit them to the paper?

Havre Daily “News” story here
(If you want to see who has filed for office you can see the “news” at the Secretary of State’s website before these informative “news” articles hit the Havre Daily)


  1. Maybe she just doesn't want to be linked to Jonathan and all his tax problems and his girling activities any longer?

    I have heard she left him so I could see her wanting to run to "show him"

  2. Wonder if she runs without liability insurance on her vehicle like "above the Law" Jonathan does?

  3. I am not sure where Sarah Singer fits into this mix and I don't know anything about her.

    We have the pro-abortion Planned Parenthood candidate Karen Sloan that is all for more government funding for anything versus the pro-life just say no to any new spending candidate Wendy Warburton. It is a very distinct and clear cut choice as they are different as night and day. Maybe Singer will emerge as the moderate.