Monday, February 6, 2012

The Corrector Taken to the Blogging Wood Shed (Again)

Every day The Corrector receives an e-mail or two either giving us a “tip” about some story or another or simply belly-aching that we have neglected to post a blog about some story that they want to comment on they saw in the Havre Daily “News.” Most of the time when we neglect to comment it is just because we think everyone has had ample venues to make their comments known whether it is here, on the HDN website or on other various social network pages.

For example a wannabe blogger calling himself “Unknown” author of The Commentor” left the following intelligent comment on our blog;
Unknown has left a new comment on your post "The Havre Daily “Snooze” Finally “Breaks” the Scho...":
Since you are so great at reporting the news, where is your take on the closure of Wendy's and the Sletten Cancer Center? Oh, yes, that's right-Dugdales and Dave Henry are your friends, they aren't Democrats to bash, who cares only the little people are hurting, and it's a secret what they do. POT. KETTLE. BLACK. If you're going to state you are "correcting" the Havre paper then act like real reporters instead of cry baby pee pants. Otherwise, shut up and do something positive for Havre.
Interestingly Mr. Unknown attempted to start a Havre area blog 6-8 months ago himself called “The Commentor” and has posted about 8 posts all of which bitch about Debbie Vandeberg and the local Chamber of Commerce. I am sorry that isn’t working out for you and if you would indeed like to make comments about Wendy’s, the hospital, Dugdales or Dave Henry go ahead and do so here. However before you make accusations you should know that according to Follow the Money the only political support we can find from any Dugdales in Montana are for non-partisan judicial candidates which hardly labels them as Republican “friends.” We didn’t do a post about the Wendy’s problems simply because we thought the local “News” paper already was appallingly successful in destroying the reputation of the Dugdales and the local Wendy's business without our assistance. Also Follow the Money reveals that the CEO of the Hospital Dave Henry has directed nearly all his rather substantial political donations to Senator Jon Tester, the Democrat Act Blue PAC and other Democrat candidates and organizations.   We did however find one $160 donation given to a local republican candidate. If I had to guess after checking into this information I would venture that Mr. Henry is a Democrat but who really knows unless you were to ask him.   Also it is interesting to note that you have come on this blog in the past bashing our anonymity yet your own failed attempt at a blog says the author of “The Commentor” is “Unknown.” (Note to blogging wannabe – The proper spelling is Commenter with an E not an O. And to think you almost graduated high school. )
There you go Mr. Unknown. A bit of infamous notoriety for you to give your blogging venture a boost in readership. Now go ahead and show us how it is done. I recommend with drivel like this you stay anonymous but you might want to at least publish an e-mail address so we can send you “tips.” By all means feel free to go ahead and show us how a decent blog should be run.

For the rest of you that want to leave a “tip” or story idea shoot us an e-mail at  


  1. He really has a crappy blog.

    Isn't that time frame about the same time Johnson stopped posting here?

    He seemed to be quite a whack job, and had a somewhat similar writing style.

  2. Those democrats should be insulted they were just called republicans by a seething guy that can’t even spell commenter LOL

  3. Bad Corrector
    Spank Spank
    Another uninvolved democrat that doesn’t even know who are his fellow democrats. It didn’t stop him from running his mouth at least

  4. Don't listen to them Commentor. I will help you

  5. the unkown commenter must have had a nasty run in with Debbie at the chamber. You are not very complimentry

    Send me an e-mail commenter. I always have story ideas and these guys at the corrector don't always pay any attention to me when I send them


    This is what I was talking about in my comments on your preceding blogs. No one ever has an encouraging word in this town about anything.

  7. Just checked to see if mmy buddy the commentor had any new posts and his blog has vanished

    WTH? I liked his nasty little rants.