Saturday, February 11, 2012

Tester Camp Out Smarted by Rehberg Bunch (Again)

I love all the one “upsmanship” games our politicians play in an attempt to do the old “gotcha” on their political opponents for something or another. These games are always some cute play on words or something you would think everyone would be all for but on second blush has some potential problem for one side or another.

Take for example Tester calling on Rehberg a day or so ago to sign a pledge saying neither party would accept third party advertising. Of course Tester knows he is the target of thousands of groups upset by his liberal voting record and his love-fest with east coast political allies. This pledge, if signed by Rehberg would let Tester dodge the bullet on his crappy voting record being advertised to Montana voters. Of course if Rehberg doesn’t sign Tester can clamor on and on about how he “wanted” to run a clean campaign but “Denny wouldn’t do it” and then end his plea with a tear running down his big fat head and everyone will be touched with compassion and vote for him.

Two days ago I thought this call for no outside money a great political strategy by the Tester camp. Today Rehberg proved that you can always win a battle of wits with an unarmed opponent and sent a message to the Tester camp that they also wanted to limit all money on this Senate race to only that money which is donated by Montanans. Now that puts poor “No Ear Marks Ever” Tester in quite a pickle. Most of Jon-boy’s campaign money is actually coming from that “culture of corruption” via Washington K Street lobbyists and their ilk.

Poor Tester …………. What to do? What to do?


  1. Tester should just go ahead and keep the lobbyist money if he wants to win. Everyone already knows he is in tight with the very corrupt people he campaigned against.

  2. Rehberg must be laughing his butt off- I can't believe that Tester didn't think this through. His little third party money challenge was weak- no one even knows what third party money is.