Thursday, February 2, 2012

Oozing Dollars from the House of Representatives

I am beginning to wonder if the one-hundred Senators and 435 Representatives that make up our congress are all out of touch with the financial crisis we are in. Daniel Horowitz over at the RedState pointed out in a recent article that;
Our national debt stands at $15.2 trillion, and is growing by roughly $6 billion per day. We have tens of trillions in unfunded liabilities for Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. Unfortunately, we have learned that Republicans lack the gumption to fight for transformational spending cuts and reforms of major entitlements. However, at the very least, one would expect them to oppose silly pork projects like Buffalo Soldiers!
The Buffalo Soldier project is an authorization granted by HR 1022 that would require a study to be completed of the history of Buffalo Soldiers in the establishment of national parks. It is estimated that this study will cost a mere $400,000 and the purpose is to look towards the feasibility of creating some sort of National Park in their honor. Spend more money? Here I thought we were in some sort of financial conundrum but I guess in the big scope of things a mere $400 grand is pocket-change to these guys.

While this bill was introduced by a Democrat our very own “conservative” (tongue in cheek) Representative Denny Rehberg joined 158 of his fellow House Republicans and 179 Democrats to approve sending this bill on to the Senate. If it is true as Horowitz asserts in his RedState article that we are bleeding off $6 billion per day in additional national debt wouldn’t you think the prudent thing to do would be to vote NO on some of these feel good bills? I have read several books about the Buffalo Soldiers role in settling America and they do indeed deserve a place of honor in our history but someone someplace needs to take the reins of the “let’s end deficit spending” crowd. It will be interesting to see how Senators Baucus and Tester vote when this hits the Senate but my guess is that they will jump on board also. So why am I voting for Rehberg for Senate this November? Because he is not Tester who is worse. That’s it pure and simple.

Why can’t either the Democrats or Republicans give us a conservative candidate as one of our choices? I find it angering that 300 million Americans are allowing these 535 people and one moronic president to bankrupt our nation a few nickels at a time?


  1. Both parties waste our money

    Just vote for who you think will waste the least

  2. Give the guy a break

    Washington spends more on toilet paper in a month than this will cost