Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tester Fails at Political Games 101

Most of Montana’s major newspapers ran an Associated Press article yesterday such as this one in the Helena Independent Record about Senator Jon “No Ear Marks Ever” Tester rejecting Congressman Rehberg’s offer to only run their campaigns funded exclusively with money from Montana donors.

The Tester campaign has been clearly out-witted in this manuevering and their excuse was that Rehberg’s offer would have left them at the mercy of third-party groups that run independent ads. Tester earlier had challenged Rehberg to join him in rejecting third-party ads in this race. The Rehberg offer accepted Testers original offer and added the “Montana Only” provision but I guess Jon-boy just wasn’t that interested in sending back money from his east coast environmental wacko friends and bunny huggers

Interestingly the Havre Daily “News” broke from the Associated Press article with some observations posed as fact from award winning journalist Timmy Leeds. Since Tester’s rejection of Rehberg's offer to run a campaign strictly funded by Montana voters made Timmy’s candidate look bad he decided to do a little “investigative” reporting by googling on OpenSecrets.org where he learned that Tester has nearly a $2 million dollar fundraising advantage over Rehberg because of out of state contributions. Also Timmy learned after a little goggling on the Center for Responsive Politics that bad old Rehberg also has about $95,000 in lobbyist donations in his coffers himself even though he often chides Tester for being the number 1 recipient of lobbyist money in all of this year’s races. What Timmy failed to mention was that Rehberg also offered to send these donations back and keep Montana politics local if Tester would do the same.

Read one of the Associated Press articles such as the one in the Independent Record and then read the Timmy Twisted article in the Havre Daily “News” derived from the same Associated Press article and tell me what you think

I am sorry that Jon-boy got out played on this ploy but I personally think that both Tester and Rehberg ought to refuse third party advertisements on their behalf and also refuse to accept money from outside Montana to truly keep this election for Montanans by Montanans.


  1. Jon couldn't compete with Denny in in-state only contributions. He has no natural constituency here. The folks he represents are all in New York and California, where the real money is.

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  3. All Montana political campaigns should only be financed with in state money.

    Do the right thing Senator Testor

  4. A Democrat doing the right thing, especially in an election year, is an oxymoron.

  5. Tester doesn't want people to know that most of his contributions come from the far left. Having to go to California to raise money for the representation of Montana is absurd. Good for the Rehberg campaign to take hime to task, you don't have to be around Washington very long to find out Tester is not very well repected even by his own party. He couldn't even carry his own county in the last election and that speaks volumes. Tester claims to be just a dirt farmer from Montana that supports agriculture all the time, that is in sharp contrast with all the major farm organizations in Montana who had nothing but a constant battle with him for his proposed legislation that did not ever speak for Montana Ag, only his own interests. Ask his neighbors how much damage his farm does to their farms every year. If you want transparancy Jon you better be willing to take the heat!