Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pssst !........... You there ! ............over at the Havre Daily "News"

As a professional courtesy towards our fellow comrades and award winning journalists over at the Havre Daily “News” we have been sitting on an interesting story for what seems like days. We know how they hate getting “Scooped” by our gnarly little blog but upon not seeing the story again in tonight’s paper I am running out of patience. One of my fellow bloggers keeps telling me we run too many stories belittling the HDN so I am trying to mend my ways in a sincere gesture of good-will.

Just as a tip to aid our fellow professional investigative journalists at the HDN I humbly suggest you investigate just an itsy little bit so you can run one of you famous “Breaking News” stories about the newest person joining Mark Peterson as a candidate for Hill County Commissioner. (The courthouse is the big white building on 4th St)

We have waited and waited and waited but if the HDN doesn’t accidently stumble upon this story soon we will just have to do it ourselves. (Or send us an e-mail at  and we will fill you in)

Looking forward with bated breath for tomorrow's “News” paper to hit our door.

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