Saturday, February 4, 2012

“No Ear Marks Never” Tester Votes Twice Thursday to Save Ear Marks

What a Lying Phony
Six years ago new-comer Jon Tester ran one nasty below the belt campaign against Senator Conrad Burns. No lie was too bold for Jon-boy to use to defeat Burns. He distorted his votes, He ran ads questioning his ethics, and he accused Burns of ties with lobbyists, and on and on. In addition to smearing Burns thru the mud he repeatedly droned on and on about “K Street Lobbyists” and alleged connections to Burns. Jon also accused Burns of buying and selling “favors” thru the use of earmarks. Jon-boy promised 6 years ago while campaigning he would never-ever use earmarks and his first order of business when he got to the “culture of corruption” laden capital was to introduce legislation to eliminate ear marks.

I guess Jon must have had a change of heart about the evils of lobbyists since he is the number one recipient of lobbyist money in the Senate. Also Senator “No Ear Marks Never Ever” Tester apparently forgot his promise to Montanans to introduce legislation to eliminate earmarks. Not only did he forget that promise but “No Ear Marks Ever” Tester actually cast two votes on Thursday against amendments prohibiting earmarks.

Check out his vote roll here. So much for his promise of getting rid of earmarks


  1. Progressives are permitted to lie because they believe that they are more moral and, to them, that means that the ends justify the means.

  2. +1

    I no longer take their so called "moral outrage" seriously anymore. Remember the politicization of the US Attorney's Offices? Compare that to AG Holder and all that he does. How about Haliburton? At least they did something other than suck tax payer dollars to transfer to Democrat donors.
    I could go on and on, but what's the point. We just need to tell them to shut up next time they start to say anything.

  3. It isn't what you do when you get elected, it's what you do to get elected. Show me one of the liars club that have ever followed up on what they preach. Get in, get your big retirement and benefits package, and sit back and take all the freebies you can get until the next election. Business as usual.

  4. I tried to remind liberals they are doing the same activities they are crying "moral outrage" over at he bovine blog recent by pointing out that Diane smith hadn't bothered to disclose half of her campaign donations ( though he liberal media only goes after Rehberg ) I reminded them that Jesse Laslovich seems to be recruiting plenty of corporate and oil and gas money ( though the press only attacks Rehberg for this too) . I don't think they even remotely got the point . They have no self awareness whatsoever.

  5. Plus Tester talks a big talk about being pro firearms but he votes and hangs out with the gun control crowd. We won't be fooled again