Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Havre Republicans leave race uncontested rather than appoint a Wolf in sheep's clothing for the Treasurer's race

This just in from a member of the Republican bunch that meet tonight to decide whether or not to accept Wanda Larson’s kind offer to be the GOP replacement candidate for Bill Gupton who withdrew from the race for an out of town employment opportunity.

You may recall that the local Republicans interviewed potential candidate Wanda Mork Larson last week to ascertain if they wanted to support her as their candidate but tabled a motion to nominate her until today. At tonight’s meeting Hill County Republican Chairman Andrew Brekke opened the meeting and then called for a motion to take last week’s motion off the table for discussion. A motion was made but it failed to receive a second so apparently Wanda Larson will not be the Republican candidate this year. I guess these elephants do indeed have a good memory as to what she did to them back in the 2002 election and aren’t going to be suckered in again. Scuttlebutt after the meeting was said to revolve around the fact that the local Republicans have the best qualified candidates for legislature and local races that they have seen in decades and they weren’t about to dilute that gene pool with the likes of an alleged Republican that just wanted to protect ousted Democrat Treasurer Carrie and carry on with the so-so status quo at the treasurer’s office.

Kudos to this bunch for having the courage to do what was obviously the right thing even though they will be getting bad press from the likes of "Senior" journalist Timmy Leeds who was at the meeting reporting on the behalf of the HDN. Just as a sidebar to this whole circus it was reported to us that good old Timmy Leeds took a pre-meeting butt chewing from one of the Republicans for being a biased reporter that was just there to cause trouble and was no friend to the democratic process.  It must have hit home with Timmy because our report was that he slunk off after the meeting with nary a word to anyone. I am glad at least there is one Republican that sees this guy for what he really is as do we at the Corrector.

The deadline for the Republicans to appoint a replacement candidate is August 18th or Democrat Sandy Brown will be running unopposed. We wonder if Wanda Larson will make good on that promise she has been yipping around that she would quit her job rather than work for the likes of Sandy Brown?

At this point it appears the only option left to the Wanda Larson / Carrie Dickson "keep everything status quo" team is for one of them to run a write-in campaign. 
What do you think? Should they kick off a write-in effort or just admit defeat and welcome Sandy Brown as the new Hill County Treasurer?


  1. They should just go. Pack up the knitting supplies, gather the Twinkies, and be gone, the voters have spoken.

    I was also glad to see Tim Leeds get reamed last night as he had it coming. The deceitful little unbathed twit just took notes all throughout the reaming and then left without getting quotes from anyone. It should prove difficult to write a story about a meeting where no one spoke except the guy reaming out Tim prior to the start and I know nobody made any comments to Tim after the meeting.

  2. I have also heard that Ms Larsen has told others in the office she will not be able to continue working at the treasurer’s office is Sandy is going to be in charge.

    Let her go and good riddance Sandy could cut the office budget by not even replacing her

  3. Just got the paper and like usual Tim Leeds managed to make a story out of nothing said at last night’s meeting of the GOP. The page 5 headline even read “Larson’s party affiliation questioned.” No one said one dang thing about her party loyalty last night. Leeds is a downright liar and does just as the Corrector claims and changes the facts to suit his own biases in his articles.

    For your information Tim, no one voted for Larson because she had already threw the Republicans under the bus once to save her precious “well oiled machine” of an office where her and Carrie Dickson control what does or does not get done and the GOP wasn’t about to get hit upside the head again. Any idiot in town knows why the Republicans didn’t confirm this nomination except for those of you at the Havre Daily News. Why does any sane person waste money paying for this paper or to advertise in this tabloid?

    Republicans want a change for improvement ------- not for more of the same pitiful performance from the treasurer and her chief deputy no matter what party they claim allegiance to

  4. Wanda will never quit

    She is all mouth - no action!

    I was wrong

    The republicans are smarter than I thought

    No more knitting

    No more Ho-Ho's

    Go Sandy

    We are depending on you to clean up the whole mess at the treasurer's office(not just the potato chip crumbs and Krispy Kreme filling)

    I am taking by a bottle of super-duper 409 taco sauce remover on January 1st to help Sandy kick off the new year and begin a much needed house cleaning