Thursday, August 19, 2010

No Mo Crosses

I think that anyone that reads this blog has probably seen one of those white crosses that are placed along the roadways as a memorial to someone that died on the highway. Starting back in 1998 Utah Highway Patrol officers starting erecting 12ft high crosses at various locations to memorialize fallen officers. This was done with the blessing of the deceased officer’s families but as you would guess someone some place took offense and filed suit.

While we have the likes of Snider, Thackeray, and Tretheway to run off to the ACLU to “save us” from ourselves Utah has a group called the “American Atheists, Inc” that were more than happy to file suit to get these crosses removed. The 10th Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled that the crosses are unconstitutional

I am glad that curing this cross problem is the only thing worth expending our energy and tax dollars to accomplish. Now……………..On to the Mosque at Ground Zero

No Mo Crosses


  1. It may also be important to acknowledge one of the reasons that this happened in Utah was because of the profound influence that the LDS church has in their puppet regime politics.

    The LDS church, in addition to not being christian,

    considers the cross to be the sign of satan (who interestingly enough is the "star" in their stolen from the Masons, super secret temple ordiances)

    The ONLY reason this thing passed was due to the unholy allaince between the LDS corporation using their atheist bedfellows.

    The church needed to make a public statement after requiring their membership to cough up millions to fight a futile war against prop 8 in california.

    It is quite simply an underhanded backroom deal to "inspire" the christian right to do more teabagging.

  2. I am glad that curing this cross problem is the only thing worth expending our energy and tax dollars to accomplish.

    ??? - What would you have had the State of Utah do, ignore the issue in hopes it would go away? They had to respond.

    Now……………..On to the Mosque at Ground Zero

    I'm actually quite surprised you haven't had a topic dedicated to that. I think it would be quite interesting.

  3. Funny thing is DeConstructor is that the slain officers familys oked these crosses before they were put up, even the Mormon officers

    The story link in this post didn't say one damn thing about the LDS Church

    You are spewing nonsense yet one more time

  4. I am also curious why you didn't run anything on the mosque.