Friday, August 27, 2010

Time to take Action

This video of Houston talk show host Michael Berry calling for people to get involved in Texas politics really made me think. Why not also in Montana? It is only 63 more days until the election and after listening to Michael I think just maybe a few people getting involved could really make a difference. Both political parties could use some rational people guiding them away from the same old political rhetoric and towards what the voters of Montana really want. If you have never been involved it is time to step up to the plate.

I just heard on the radio that Jeff Laszloffy, President of the Montana Family Foundation, will be speaking in Town Square this evening at 6:30 pm about the never ending attacks on Family Values during the legislative session and what you can do to make a difference and help here in Havre.

Scotty’s Ice Cream will also be on hand with root beer floats. 

The Montana Family Foundation website says that they are “a non-profit research and education organization working in association with Focus on the Family to support, protect, and strengthen Montana Families.”


  1. Ohhhh how I wish I was there for this "lecture". Jeff really means to say there is an attack on his version of family values...ahhhhhhhhh "the gays are ruining traditional marriage". LOL Really cuz I would say that hetero's are doing a bang up job of ruining that institution ALL on their own, with divorce rates well above 50%. Who may I ask are they protecting it from??
    Here is a link to the raging idiot or Jihad Jane or House Republican candidate or stay at home mom or whatever you want to call her... who is sueing the Helena School district for their proposed sexual health curriculum (which BTW hasn't even been decided on yet)
    Haaaa...she is also on her 3rd marriage and was apparantly pregnant with baby #3 from husband #3 while still married to husband #2?? How about those family values? Oh and here is a link to her aaaamazing oped on why she not only disagrees with the sexual enhancement portion but is quite upset about the nutritional section as well,
    Why do you Repubs feel the need to define family values for everyone when most of you can't get your own houses in order?? As long as it is two consenting adults MIND YOUR BUSINESS!!

  2. red sweetie,

    This isn't a Republican rally. It is a Montana Familys rally

    As usual you don't have a clue other than to play the partisan political bullS***

  3. Hey "JIMBO"
    #1) I ain't your sweetie.
    #2) the article states...
    Jeff Laszloffy, President of the Montana Family Foundation, will be speaking in Town Square this evening at 6:30 pm about the never ending attacks on Family Values during the LEGISLATIVE SESSION.

    Sooooo I am guessing that Mr. Lazsloffy is leaning a little to the right of the isle (former GOP legislator)
    So this isn't a Republican rally against the terrible things the left is trying to do to the American family JIMBO?? Who doesn't have a clue here??
    I noticed you didn't tackle any of my questions either JIMBO...LOLzzz

  4. The trouble is he is singing to the choir for the most part. This is as close to the absolute truth as we can get. The conservatives are going to have to take a page from the Saul Alinsky play book. Don’t answer questions because they have an answer for it; just attack with any subject. i.e. “Republicans don’t want poor people to have health care”. Answer: How is the party of the baby killers?

  5. I want to apologize Red

    I went to this rally tonight and you were sooooooo right about Jeff

    That narrow minded guy is definitely against the Democrat’s plans to teach about gay sex in second grade

  6. what exacatly does gay sex entail Jimbo?? And maybe you could point out what pg in the curriculum it teaches 2nd graders about this "gay sex" of which you speak, although I doubt it cuz it doesn't exist...much like the monster in the closet....whooooo scarrrrryyyyy!!!

  7. willie sang of a red headed stranger. I realized that all the girls get prettier at closing time