Thursday, August 19, 2010

Who’s Extreme?


  1. I realize there was a post earlier about ObamaCare but not sure anyone goes back and reads old topics so if I want anyone to read this, I thought I should post this here. This was another partisan shot at the prez so I will post it here:

    The saddest thing about Obamacare is not the plan itself but rather that fact the health system became so completely and utterly broken under Clinton and Bush, (especially Bush who did absolutely N O T H I N G) to fix this enormous mess, that many
    Americans were willng to accept ANYTHING called "healthcare reform." Conservatives can bitch all they want about the so-called dummies who supported this mess of a plan, but the fact is they had 8 years and ignored one of the biggest problems that this country has EVER faced. In fact they watched it get worse and worse. And of course once Obamacare became closer to reality...guess what? The Republicans all of a sudden had a better plan! Well where the **** was this plan during the Bush years? These morons were all in full force making sure Hillary CLinton's massive plan failed back in 1993 but did they do ANYTHING during the Bush years? No. THey were too busy trying to get the guy "who tried to kill my dad," and make a massive mess of this country. A mess that is way too big for Obama or McCain or anyone else coming down the pike. (Except for maybe Sarah Palin--she's one tough and smart cookie dontcha know?)

    "Take America Back" sounds fantastic, until you realize who you are giving it back to...

    The Democrats are clearly failing and Obama is not doing nearly as well as I thought he would. (and no I did not expect him to completely clean up the Bush mess.) But for the love of God, I would hate to see this country with 8 more years of Bush poltics.

    We are in trouble, and I don't think there's an answer on either side. I lean to the left but that's more out of disdain for the right than any REAL belief in the Democrats. I dont honestly understand how ANYONE in this country can feel good right now about saying they're one or the other.

    I will now let the debate get back to its usual us vs. them mentality, while our great country falls apart..


  2. the problem is not republican...
    it is not democrat...
    the problem is that both parties manage to keep homer's head swinging from one routine to the other.
    it is not in the interest of corporate medicine to have true public health. people don't fall within the commerce clause. profit motive of any kind does.
    medical care at no cost would be more shocking to republi-cons and themo-crap rich who don't need it than social security...
    let us not forget that the lifetime bennies of the politicos far exceed anything a ss recipient would get.
    keep in mind that either the rich get public office or those planning to get rich in office.
    the founding fathers were all rich
    and wrote laws in their own interest...
    same as your representatives today.
    the rich are upset by the idea of expansion of ss or true public health because at some point they might have to pay SOMETHING bacl to the people of the great nation that fed them profits.