Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Salt in the Wound

For all those of you that have been e-mailing wanting us to do a story about the proposed Mosque in New York City on the Ground Zero site I am posting this video that I was just sent moments ago. It pretty much sums up my feelings on the matter and this post should give everyone an opportunity to tell us your thoughts on this very controversial subject.

This will be the only post I do on this subject so if you desire one with further more in-depth detail just go ahead and write it up and I will post it for you

Watch the Video by Rita W. Jones………………Nuff Said


  1. LOL

    I agree with this one Corrector

  2. Who cares where the hell they build their stupid chapel! oh oops I mean mosque. haha You think that there are churches near the countries that we are terrorizing? Yup. Oh but wait its not called terrorism when we do it. What is it called? Whats the name for the horrible acts of violence that we commit? Preventing terrorism? Our leaders are psychic? My vote really does count!! Freedom of Religion! The religion didnt attack our building, just a couple of crazy people that are that religion did.

  3. Shawn - you are an ass. To equate the deliberate targeting of innocent civilians with the inadvertent harm, harm that American soldiers are risking their lives to prevent, shows just how ignorant you are.
    Your moral compass is broken.

  4. How do you prevent something you dont know is going to happen? that doesnt make sence. Our targeting isnt deliberate? hmmm.Anyone who thinks its ok to murder thousands and thousands of people because of one act of violence has a broken compass! Not me. My morals are fine. Your condoning murder and oil theft. Sounds like you have the moral problem. Peace not war!!

  5. Remember we have lost a lot more innocent lives fighting the war than we did on that horrible day. WE have killed many more innocent people than people that died that day. Who are we fighting here? What are we killing for? Why is it ok to kill thousands more people. Does putting more innocent people in the ground help the human race? Give me a break.Take some time to read some of the leaked papers on wikileaks and see how many innocent people are killed on a daily basis. Its discusting!

  6. It makes one wonder why the Greek Orthodox church is having such problems rebuilding their church that was actually destroyed in the 9/11 attacks. Religious tolerance? Nope, not if "Christian" is in your title! AANNNNDDDDD... what is it, like 70% of New Yorkers are opposed to this?! So if they are... well, it seems obvious that the rest of us should be too.

    No one is saying they don't have the RIGHT, it's just plain political. If you believe otherwise, here's your sign "ignorant dummy".

  7. Fact;30% of workers in the twin towers were Muslim or Muslim Americans.Fact the John Hancock and the Sears building were designed and built by a muslim.Fact Shaquille Oneil,Cashus Clay and millions of other Taxpaying Muslim americans live in the USA because our freedom rings.Our beef is with Al Quaeda,I don't like the idea of having a proposed mosque where they want it and I hate to watch NEO-NAZIS demonstrating (under police protection)outside the Hollocaust Museum,or people burning the flag,in fact they draw a terrible hatred out of me and I would like to strangle them with my bare hands.But our country fought and died for these freedoms.Why is this mosque deal even political.Take it up with the landowner who's selling the property in fact buy the property for double the price.No one wants to dig in their pockets that would be to easy they would rather bomb them.

  8. just another issue pulled up by those who benefit from a divided populace. like republi-cons/themocraps, rich and ex-middle,
    used to be (still is?) black/white
    guess who benefits?

  9. fact; 95% of terrorist attacks around the globe in the last 20 yrs have been done by 25 to 35 yr old muslim men, look it up

    and they wonder why we are "profiling" muslim people

  10. fact; 95% of terrorist attacks around the globe in the last 20 yrs have been done by 25 to 35 yr old muslim men,..

    And that has what to do with the proposed building?

    Suggesting that this group represents Fanatic Muslim Terrorists would be akin to suggesting that the Westboro Baptist Church and those crazy SOB's represent Christians.

  11. Surely;I hate to ruin your day but that was a great point you made.

  12. Surely;I hate to ruin your day but that was a great point you made.

    LOL - Oh great, I must be losing it... (j/k) :)