Tuesday, August 17, 2010


The economy is in the toilet, people are struggling to get by, the state of things could tend to depress some people but the people churning out the documentaries are having a grand time. This is a movie trailer for an upcoming documentary called “I want your money”

I realize many of our readers think I have a warped sense of direction but I found this darn amusing.

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  1. Haven't seen this film yet but it looks to me like some Michael Moore wannabe wants to get in on the fun and profits of political documentaries. Good luck to him, but the trailer makes it sound like Obama was the one solely responsible for all the bailouts. Did they forget who signed the first bail out? Oh wait, that would not fit the film's agenda, so ignore that. Maybe this guy COULD be Michael Moore. (who plays fast and loose with the truth).

    The tea party is a large group of red-necks and no-nothings who are blindly biting the hand that is trying to help them (maybe too much so) because a bunch of millionaires and billionaires like Shawn Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and Glen Beck are spoon feeding them angry rhetoric that sounds patriotic, but really isn't. When did the tea party start? As far as I can tell, it came to existence about a month after Obama took office. Hardly time for the Pres do anything, yet all of a sudden everyone was mad at him and wanted thier country back....why? Cuz Uncle RUSH told them to be mad. Even had a funny song about it. Well it turns out Rush, a member of the Family Values party had a fourth wedding to pay for and wanted Elton John (a married gay guy, tho Rush opposes gay marriages) to sing at the nuptials. With Obama taking too much tax money--how could he afford ELTON!? By the time Rush gets to wife number five, he may have to settle for Justin Bieber.)

    As I have stated many times, Obama is no great president. But the tea party movement is flat-out dangerous as it's a sign that people can be led to believe anything a guy behind a mic tells them.

    Furthermore we are all going to die and discover God is an independent and we're all going to hell!