Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I wrote the Bill but didn't read it --- HUH?

It just keeps getting better. I recently watched a news show where President Obama said the Democrat stimulus program was working slow but sure. He went on to point out that his administration, with the help of the likes of Montana Senators Baucus and Tester have thus far “created” over 750,000 new jobs. Of course he failed to mention that better than half of those jobs were created to hire additional government employees but what I find the most interesting is the fact that nary one news source has ever taken out their 3 dollar calculator and divided the 787 billion dollars by the 750,000 alleged jobs created. Even doing this simple division problem in my head and rounding off the numbers I come up with over one million dollars spent for every new job created. (That is if you actually believe the reports that 750,000 jobs were indeed “created in the first place.

Now that congress is in recess and our congressional delegation is home to “listen” to their constituents I have to wonder where they have been hiding. You remember the news story earlier this last week where Senator “I wrote the healthcare bill” Baucus and “No Ear-Marks Ever” Tester held a little town hall meeting in Libby Montana to brag about all they have done to help out the people poisoned with asbestos? It seems the people that were supposed to bow on bended knee before our two “greats” had a few thoughts of their own and dared go “off topic” and complain about the recently passed health care “reform”   Thanks to a Corrector reader for sending us this Utube version of Senator “I wrote the healthcare bill” Baucus’s response to someone that asked if he even read the bill he said he had personally written

DUH………….. It would appear that something is amiss here. Time to go to the attic and find my AX Max sign for his reelection campaign and he can take along his dog Tester also


  1. while the math thing is up...
    uncle sham spent about a mil per killing each dead iraqi (including the innocent).
    over three tril has been awarded to the richest americans by way of tax "rebates".
    for a warring culture (an average of a war every seven years since the colonialist rebellion), we are a minor league team in the majors.
    in my lifetime...
    korea was hardly a break even. we have more troops there now than at the beginning of the "conflict".
    nam was a loss.
    iraq is lost.
    afghanistan is the next loss with the genius hands present at the helm.

    that's not even considering the free money to the banksters, etc etc etc.

    nafta the great bush reagan clinton bush stimulus program cost the u s our entire job and market base.

    let's worry about the big stuff first.
    and remember that the themo-craps and republi-cons stabbed you in the derry at the same time.

  2. Since the other vid doesnt work, heres one that does