Friday, March 18, 2011

Another 770 million from the American Taxpayers to buy “respect” from the Muslims

Take a look at this interesting news report from WSBTV

I can’t wait to hear from all you separation of church and state people on this news story.
Give your Congressional delegation a call on this idiotic expenditure

Representative Dennis Rehberg
(888) 232-2626

Senator Max Baucus
(800) 332-6106

Senator Jon Tester
(876) 554-4403


  1. who cares about church and state?
    it is a myth.

    how 'bout the $5 bil per year given to arm over 150 nations...
    many of them muslim.
    don't buy the bullshit.

    $770 mil is chump change...
    once again...
    like every other day...
    we are the chumps.

    oh, and...
    if you don't like what they do with your tax dollars...
    tough sh**.

  2. Johnson you make this chump change comment on every story that is about government waste.
    700 million here – 700 million there and soon you have a billion
    A billion here – a billion there and soon you have a trillion

    Wouldn’t that help out with the deficit?

  3. freddy...

    why would anybody keep talking chump?
    maybe because my kid watch BILLIONS of u s cash ($100 bills) unloaded in iraq?
    maybe because money that should be meeting the needs and improving the lives of AMERICAN CITIZENS goes to other countries (including FULL health care)...
    what do you suppose unkie sham spends per day to maintain over 700 military installations NOT in the u s?
    i got an attitude about everybody's attention going to small dollar issues and phony moral pap.

    save a dime...
    while a grand floats by...

  4. Johnson I think at this point everyone in the free world knows your kid watched billions being off loaded in Iraq. I think every single one of us agrees with you that we don't like watching planeloads of cash leaving the US. So quit preaching to the choir.

  5. cranky...

    if you are the choir...
    why are you buying the crap in helena and washington? making like this ding will do better than that dip.
    you guys treat the twiddle of this embarrassing legislature like it is some kind of truth, justice and freedom's way.
    are we still in fourth grade social studies, hearing happy songs about how what a fine history we have as the most warring culture in history?

    by the way, i only mention my kid because one in your fine community called bullshit on it.
    and MOST rabid wardogs (as with nam) didn't have a kid there.
    like the sick and gutless dick cheney..."other priorities".

  6. Johnson, lead, follow, or get the hell out of the way! Whining about everything and everyone in Helena and Washington doesn't do anything except pollute the air with useless noise. Throw some ideas out on how to fix something.

  7. since amelika is not a one-man show...
    how 'bout a little war protest...
    war, you might know, keeps us all broke and pays corporations money that would otherwise be ours. that's before we get into the criminal aspects.
    let's you and me start with a letter to the three dunces in congress from our fair state...
    maybe one to the current war hog in the fright house.

    by the by...
    would you forward me the long list of problems solved by anybody else on this blog...
    you can include all the derry-kissy they do in lieu of productive problem solving.
    please include your own.

    derry-kissy is the flip side of complaining...
    pollutes worse and accomplishes less.

  8. "a popular government without popular information or the means of acquiring it is but a prologue to Farce of Tragedu or perhaps both. Knowledge will forever govern ignorance, and a people who mean to be their own Governors much arm themselves with power knowledge gives."

    -james madison-

    complaining bitch, wasn't he?