Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dick Morris on Senator Tester

What's up with this?  Doesn't Dick Morris normally promote liberals?  It would appear that things are unraveling for Montana's freshman Senator.


  1. morris was adviser to failed repub gubernatorial candidate christy mihos in mass. in 2010.
    fux news commentator...
    famous for saying that since we have lost the "drug war" (along with all the others)...
    we should drug test every single high school student in the u s.

  2. Johnson, Morris is out there, but he's right more than he's wrong.

    Don't listen to Peter Schiff, so I can't speak to the drug war issue, but on the Mihos thing, his campaign was a non-starter. But Morris was a paid consultant on that one, haven't we all worked for people we haven't exactly loved just for the money?

    Clinton paid him millions to prepare for the 96 election and his theory of triangulation was a brilliant idea and has been touted by everyone except Bill & Hillary Clinton as the saving grace in that election. Remember after the 94 Republican Revolution, Clinton was in the same boat Obama finds himself in now! Kind of interesting!

    But on Tester, he's right on. Come on Jon get with the program! What a joke! Can you think of a better example of main street vs. wall street?

    Time to come home Jon, not that the fine people of Chouteau County are cheering for your return though!

  3. First of all, Dick Morris makes it sound like the consumer is paying the swipe fee of 2%. He is wrong. The retailer pays it. It is even higher on credit cards. It is way more than 2% for the small retail stores. Dick Morris is right, though, about Tester.

  4. Good point Mz. Montana, it is the business's that pay , and then in turn have to make a painful decision to raise prices to consumers to cover the high bank costs. Tester doesn't need to protect banks, he needs to protect consumers, especially college students who rely on debit cards. I can't stand watching Dick Morris, but unfortunately he is spot on a lot of the time,

  5. Right on Nancy. This will be passed directly on to us as consumers. When are we going to stand up and say STOP! Also a credit card is different than a debit card. Credit card convenience fees or swipe fees are optional to the purchaser because you can use another source of funds to make a purchase. However since debit cards are direcly tied to a debit account such as a checking account or savings account, those fees should be nothing more than what a check would. This is simply a "blank check" to the big banks, again!!!! Tester didn't vote for TARP, but he's making up for it with this one!

  6. I agree with you guys & gals Morris seems to misleading in his statement. This is between the bank and retail stores not the consumer. He makes it sound that everytime you use your debit card its a 2% fee to your checking account. Thats incorrect the bank charges the store 2%. Yes either the bank or the retail store will collect the 2% from the consumer, by raising prices on their products or the bank finds different ways to generate fees. Its all a wash in the end to the consumer. With that said, with the number of small business in Montana it really surprises me that Tester would side with the big banks. Come on Jon dont leave your roots!!

  7. Most gas stations have to factor in the credit card fee onto the price of gas. So right now you are paying about 7 cents on every gallon to the credit card companies. That's a lot of money when you add it up.
    If the federal government imposed a 2 cent tax on everything we would riot in the streets.

  8. Thats not true. Where did you get that information?