Monday, March 14, 2011

Medical Marijuana Shops Raided

The Feds had a busy day raiding Medical Marijuana shops around Montana this morning in what the growers are calling retaliatory action after the Senate Bill to repeal legal Medical Marijuana failed to advance out of the Senate Committee.  Raids occurred in 10 -12 locations throughout Montana.
News report of raids in Billing from KULR TV

Latest News is posted at Helena's Independent Record


  1. If they're following the regulations, they have nothing to worry about. Not all of the medical marijuana shops are and they need to be "raided."

  2. I think I will wait for more information to come out, but the first thought through my mind. "They must have offended the federally sponsored grower."

  3. the best information available at this point indicates that noncompliance with state law was not a factor to the extent that there were few or no legitimate arrests.
    this was the first level of terrorism by the gestapo operations of the dea, fbi, atf and some immigration agencies.
    we are talking about a business with mega billions potential (aside from medical value)...
    federales will be the gangsters enforcing the rights of big pharm until they can lock down "ownership".
    saw it with "prescription" meds...
    saw it with booze.
    according to mussolini the marriage of corporate and government power is the very definition of fascism.

  4. Sounds alot like Waco Texas- send in tanks, helcopters (wait they are all in Iraq) over an alleged illegal gun.

    I would think the teabaggers should be complaining the loudest, as we have an overkill of tax dollars being spent to infringe on peoples rights. (Possibly only because they pissed somebody off)

    I am happy to hear that no shots were fired anywhere. That could hae been a very bad situation.

  5. I'm with Lana on this one. Clearly more information is needed but I doubt very much these places were picked at random. The Feds are not going to put the time, money and manpower into this if there wasn't suspected criminal activity.

  6. With all the medical card holders in the state of Montana, cartel profits must have been taking a beating.

  7. mama...

    "the feds are not going to..."

    you're joking, right?

    how many millions were spent killing the odd but harmless people of waco?

    did you miss the show at ruby ridge?
    it cost them $4.3 mil in settlement alone.

    noticed the wars in the last decade? that would be the LOST wars.

    the feds do any flogging thing they want to...
    it's your money and your rights...
    both of which the federales hold in absolute contempt.

  8. Seems a bit heavy handed to me, guns drawn, kicking in unlocked doors. Could the warrents have been served with a civil conversation? I'm sure there were some agents that needed a change of underware after climaxing in them.

  9. To Johnson, I see your point, but I guess what I'm thinking is that there was some report of "non compliance" aka "criminal activity" that led to the warrants. I could be completely off base, it was just my initial thought. To Hawk: I completely agree with you...these businesses had unlocked doors kicked in. OVERKILL....

  10. I had to laugh at the guys in environmental suits with respirators amongst the pot plants. They looked like they were in a nuclear plant not an illegal garden.

  11. got to remember cranky...
    the gestapo is always made up of gutless whimps.
    their mothers showed them how to dress.

  12. Im all for medical marijuana. I am a patient as well as a caregiver, but its obvious that this Chris Williams fella along with his "partners in crime" are not following the law. Selling to undercover cops, buying and selling to outside sources. Thats just not how it works. You cannot buy and sell to anyone you want! I dont understand why people think that. The way I understand the law is that you can only sell med mar to YOUR patients and you can only buy it from YOUR named caregiver. These friggin morons are screwing things up for everyone. Because of them there are now thousands of patients that are unable to get the marijuana they need. Sad..

  13. shawn...

    wondering where you got the facts.
    mt can is my caregiver...
    tom and chris were part of the group that drafted the law.
    there were no arrests in the helena storefront for violations of the marijuana law...
    one from an unrelated warrant.
    this particular operation was a lawless raid on the largest provider in the state.
    who is next?
    these gangsters are not going to let up.

  14. I said nothing about arrests. I know that they were part of the group that drafted the law. Doesnt mean they can do whatever they want. My information comes from very reliable people closer to the issue than you or I. Look for it to be available to the public soon.

  15. Funny that the information about what they were doing wrong is taking so long to come out. The feds usually can't scream their accomplishments loud enough.

  16. You are forgetting that marijuana is still illegual according to the federal government. If the state of Montana said it was ok not to pay federal tax would you do it. If you see a wolf and a fed is standing there I would not shoot it even though the governer of Montana said it was ok. I know Obama said he would not go after MM but why would you want to believe him now? one lie after another. His whole campane was about ending the war now look. LIE LIE LIE.

  17. Check out the updated news about this story on the Tribune's Legislative blog over at the Montana Low Down

  18. over 60% of montanans STILL support medical marijuana and will vote for it again if it is repealed...
    that would be despite the propaganda of the screw balls in the legislature who clearly do not represent the people.
    come on libertarians and conservatives...
    it's all about the will of THE PEOPLE, right?

  19. Having trouble posting the link. Interesting article in Billings Gazette "Marijuana raids built on years of investigation, yield millions in cash."

  20. Good article there 69, that some of that info I was speaking of. More to come im sure because ive heard much more.