Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A "Little" Mistake in Hill County Tax Levies

The e-mails have been piling up at the Corrector from people that just received their new “improved” additional tax notice  with following scrap of paper telling us all that a itsy little “mistake” in mill levy calculations has been made.  Nearly every e-mail we received wanted to know who was responsible for this “mistake” and who will be held “accountable”?  The second highest comment related to what a pain in the rear it was going to be to get their bank escrows to pay this additional tax on time.

Ok now for the “Who Done It?”  From what we can find out the Treasurer’s office failed to include the new recently passed school mill levy as well as some of the other school tax.  In addition to the Havre Schools all Hill County Schools were short changed.  Of course blame is being cast on the “old” Treasurer Carrie Dickson that was defeated by Sandy Brown this last November.  That stands to reason because she is no longer here to defend herself and the “recently departed” usually gets the blame for all problems in most all work situations.

Funny part is that no one from the county, either the current Treasurer or the County Commissioners, had any idea there was even a mistake until someone from the school noticed that their school account had some severe deficiencies in what should have been an adequate fund balance and went to the courthouse to find out what was going on. As far as our readers enquiries as to whose heads are going to roll for this blatant mistake I would guess NO ONES would be the correct answer. The thing “suggested” or should I say the next bit of “gossip” was the Dickson purposely sent the mistake ridden tax notices to make the lady that took her out in the election look bad. It is all speculation at this point but I would be amazed if we ever know the whole truth.

In short we are being told to “Pay Up and Shut Up”


  1. a "mistake" here...
    a "mistake there...
    who needs levies on the ballot?

  2. We are always told that if we vote for these mill levys it will only cost a person with a $100,000 house 25 bucks or some other minimal amount but it is obvious by the mill levy tax bill that I just got that it really cost me $557 for all these mill levys.

    Be sure and vote no to all future mill levys and quit believing the lies

  3. There is one person responsible and....oops, "Carrie Dickson was unavailable for comment"...HDN

    Crap happens, no one's head is going to roll. Get over it and move on. The only thing I will say is to the people being complete JACK WAGONS to the ladies in the Treasurer's Office.... it's not their fault, they can't change it, you owe the money, and SO DO THEY!

    Good grief.

  4. Oh, and to freddy: I too was a little surprised at the dollar figure. The total per homeowner was downplayed a great deal when the mill levys were proposed...

  5. It was obviously a clerical error in an office.

    To regard this as some type of 'conspiracy' leads me to think some people have way too much time on their hands.

    Its been a long winter, it will be over soon.

  6. My letter said something like i was undercharged less than ten dollars yet my taxes went up a hell of a lot more than a few dollars. I didnt mind giving up a few bucks for the kids but this has gone a little far. What has happened? Seems like more than a little mistake to me. I dont have kids and was still willing to pay out a few and even voted yes on this mill levy. I feel like i have been taken.

  7. I thought my taxes were more than plenty before adding on some more.

  8. where is the new news I thaught this sight was compairing it's self to the daily news, lets go lets have something new. DAILY.

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