Thursday, March 17, 2011

Where are our Democrat Representatives?

Every Wednesday since the Legislature convened some of our legislators have went the extra mile and made themselves available at noon on Wednesdays to sit through a “Video Conference” with the folks back home to not only keep us informed but also to provide local constituents with the opportunity to voice their concerns or support for what is going on in Helena. Everyone and anyone are invited to just show up at the Robins school building to participate. Judging from the Havre Daily “News” reports each Thursday it is apparent that a few of our local Democrats have seized on this opportunity to just have a bitch session with the Republican legislators hoping the Award winning Havre Daily reporters will write less than glamorous stories about what is happening in Helena.

What I find most interesting is the fact that out of our 5 local representatives only the Republicans show up to answer questions and hear what the people back home have to say. Senator Hutton, Representative Warburton and Representative Hansen show up each and every week but the Democrats Senator Jonathan Windy Boy and Representative Tony Belcourt have never even attended once to my knowledge. Also according to the Montana Legislative Guide which I picked up at the Hill County Electric Cooperative Republicans Hutton, Warburton and Hansen have published their cell phone numbers so the people back home can leave them messages and call with concerns. Democrats Windy Boy and Belcourt both list their contact numbers as the Legislative Information operator (406) 444-4800 where you have to leave a message and hope that they actually will get it at some point.

My question to Hutton Warburton and Hansen is; Why do you even bother to waste your time coming to the Wednesday video conference when you know the deck is being purposely stacked against you?

To Windy Boy and Belcourt; Where in the hell have you been?


All this time I have been thinking this video conference was some sort of Republican sponsored event and today I find out that the school provides this service to all of our representatives and the Democrats have just failed to participate.  It is time to give them a call at their special Montana State answering service number and ask them to participate. (406) 444-4800


  1. My hats off to Kris, Wendy and Rowlie for providing us with the chance to hear from you.

    Just remember that the majority of the people in the room at Robbins are planning to run for city council or other office and are using the forum to ask questions for the purpose of getting their names in the paper so everyone will think they are intelligent. Free political ads at their best. I even watched them handing questions written out on note cards to each other at one forum session so they would all have a hard hitting anti republican question ready for you. It was pretty juvenile.

    You have to remember these are the same democrats that always are trying to boycott someone so you can’t expect much

  2. as long as the republican v democrat fleabag dog is wandering around the pols, HOMER (that would be joe everybody) ain't getting nothing he should...
    but hey...
    live right there...
    all your neighbors here in the land of the free dumb are there...
    that's how we are all losing america to the banksters and the other vile corporations that dupe good people into evil wars.
    all christo-capitalist-politico-corporate pandies are mindless thieves and slime in your posh deep-carpet capital offices...
    they dump the lower class first (see new state "balanced" budget) and they work their way up to where you are shrieking about the demos...
    (while it takes your family two jobs to do what your dad did with one)
    or maybe abortion...
    or gun rights...
    or gay marriage...
    or any of the other twiddle that won't create a single job or improve the quality of homer's life.
    SOMEBODY always gets the money, no?
    it just ain't YOU.

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  4. I have never had Windyboy or Warburton get back to me on anything, they both have their own agenda's and if you don't agree with them your screwed. Hutton, Hansen, and Belcourt have always responded. It is always easier to be able to run and hide, thats what Bergren did in his last session, and we saw how well that worked for him, Please talk to the people who elected you its an important part of the process.

  5. I have only attended at the school administration conference room once. It was like what it would be with condemned criminals entering into a room full of angry victim’s families. A lot of accusation, berating, and just plain nonsense. I will say that all three from Helena took it all in stride and answered the audience questions no matter how inane or anger laden the questioner.

    Definitely not worth missing your lunch break to attend.

  6. I have to make notes to our 3 representatives the make sure they don’t have to answer all of my e-mails. Some are just comments. Most of our elected officials do not answer to sarcasm and I don’t blame them. If you have real questions you will get a real answer. I was totally against a bill sponsored by a rep from Helena. We had dialog that was meaningful and I’m sure he still voted for it but he took my points into consideration.
    The 2 parties have a basic agenda and you can’t expect them to do the bidding of the opposite party. But you can quit telling half-truths and jumping to conclusions. Give credit where credit is due. Rep.Wendyboy has a little elf working against him: last session I sent hard copy to both addresses and alas he didn’t receive any of them. Goes to show you the efficacy of government workers!!

  7. Note to Joe Morgan, don't know if you are refering to my comment but if you are I have asked for responses from both Warburton and Windy boy on different bills and if they think you don't support their position they do not respond. I respect the hard work it took for them to get where they are and I do send my messages with the respect that every elected offical deserves. That has been my experience with both of them, and I am only speaking of what my experience has been. I think that they often do not speak for the people who elected them, and push their own agendas.

  8. your reps are aware that they no longer need to fake it.
    outright contempt?

  9. No Nancy I was not refering to you specificly I was eluding to the Wednesday meeting where they come with a whole bunch of loaded questions with a " Gotta" frame of mind.

  10. I agree Joe

    The Republican bunch get beat up every Wed by the democrat gotcha crowd and again on Thursday by the Havre Daily yet they keep coming back week after week.

    I have to wonder about their intelligence in taking this abuse repeatedly

    They must really need our love

  11. freddy...

    seen the budget?
    seen the cuts?
    they are people cuts...
    human services...
    nothing important.
    certainly not as important as a state militia or getting family planning out (probably there would be fewer abortions if we get prevention out of the picture, no?)...
    or let's call out the feds on turf issues.
    west virginia, kentucky...
    they did that a few times...
    didn't turn out like they thought.

    you may have noticed that such crap has us (once again) a national laughing stock...
    if you hurry and type the words into a yahoo search...
    montana legislature comes right up.
    who needs some love?

  12. Kris, Wendy and Rowlie, the Hi-Line Taliban...

  13. That was mature magpie

    I happen to think Kris, Wendy and Rowlie are doing a great job. I can't say about the other Tony and Jon because we never hear from them

  14. It's nice to see some original ideas from our republican representatives. We may be the laughing stock today, but considering we have one of the freest states and fiscally responsible budgets in the nation, I say go be silly, it seems to be working.

  15. thirty years ago we had a surplus approaching a bil...
    my property taxes were 186.00 and my personal income rate was 3%.
    now the surplus in tiny, maybe only an accounting trick...
    property taxes are 1600.00
    income tax is 6%...
    and services are gutted every year.
    where's the money?
    and we twiddle in helena about county militias and code of the west.

    take liking wendy, for example...
    i'm sure she's likable and a fine person...
    she sponsored four bills...
    two died, as did all the other bills she was party to.
    one of her sponsored bills is still alive and is some silliness about carrying guns in national parks.
    the other live bill regards nursing homes.
    nothing about jobs.

    where's the jobs bill
    are they not allowed because of new floor rules?

    militias and code of the west???
    give us a break.

  16. Good article on wonderful wendy on Montana Cowgirl Blog