Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Marijuana Repeal back on the Floor

Well it appears that the Medical Marijuana Repeal defeat is not totally defeated after all. The Montana Senate voted to blast the Repeal Bill out of committee but the bill still has to survive 2 more readings and the Governor’s big VETO branding iron.

The following is how Each Senator voted;

Y Arthun, Ron    N Gallus, Steven     N Augare, Shannon     N Gillan, Kim     Y Balyeat, Joe     N Hamlett, Bradley     Y Barrett, Debby     N Hawks, Bob    N Blewett, Anders     Y Hinkle, Greg     N Branae, Gary     Y Hutton, Rowlie     Y Brenden, John     Y Jackson, Verdell     Y Brown, Taylor     N Jent, Larry    Y Buttrey, Edward     Y Jones, Llew     N Caferro, Mary     N Kaufmann, Christine     N Erickson, Ron     N Keane, Jim     Y Essmann, Jeff     Y Lake, Bob    N Facey, Tom     N Larsen, Cliff     N Lewis, Dave    Y Moore, Frederick (Eric)     N Tropila, Mitch     N Moss, Lynda     Y Tutvedt, Bruce    Y Mowbray, Carmine     N Van Dyk, Kendall     N Murphy, Terry     Y Vincent, Chas    Y Olson, Alan     N Vuckovich, Gene    Y Peterson, Jim     Y Walker, Edward     Y Priest, Jason     N Wanzenried, David    Y Ripley, Rick     N Williams, Carol     Y Shockley, Jim     N Windy Boy, Jonathan     Y Sonju, Jon     Y Wittich, Art     Y Steinbeisser, Donald     Y Zinke, Ryan     N Stewart-Peregoy, Sharon


  1. montana constitution...
    article 5 sec 11 bills
    1) a law shall be passed by bill which shall not be so altered or amended on its passage through the legislature as to change its original purpose.

    the bill, an initiative by the people of montana to legalize medical marijuana, is protected by the state constitution.
    if your bimbo legislators in helena were to get a "repeal" bill passed, it would then have to go before the people, the "body" of legislation that initiated and passed the law.
    ALL current polls show that montanans are so sick of the silly diddle in helena that they would vote with a LARGER margin in favor of medical marijuana.
    happy with the time and money being wasted in this little diddle?

  2. According to one of the Senators testimony during the HB423 2nd reading on Wed. 160,000 Montana folks suffer from chronic pain. All the old cowboys around that number can't be far off.

    Better a few get it that don't need it than those that do go without. I'd like to see the store fronts and big grows shut down but not at the cost of a repeal or de-facto repeal.

    It seems like the police are doing a pretty good job of busting the blatant abusers of the MM law.

    300+ died from prescription med overdoses in MT last year. Some of them in Havre and kids/people you all know. Your an idiot if you think opiate (HEROIN in a pill) pain meds are a safer, better choice over MM. You listening Mayor Tim, Commissioner Wendland? MM has gained a solid reputation as an alternative to many nasty prescription medications. It has for me.

    As a valid patient I'm getting real tired of being tread upon and used as a bargaining chip by both sides. Leave us alone and take your debate to legalizing and taxing.

  3. Magpie thanks for reminding me about the taxing issue, are you aware that taxing medical marijuana has been challenged by the federal government?

    The Feds recently went to court in California to block the taxation of medical marijuana by that localities in that state. As I understand it the issue stemmed from Prop 19 which would have legalized pot across the board in CA and AG Holder indicated he would vigorously defend Federal Law which prohibits such activity.

    This was also mentioned in testimony before the Senate Judiciary committee a few weeks ago by an expert from California.

    I thought it was interesting considering this same Obama administration promotes the legal disobedience of Federal law as it relates to medical marijuana's drug classification, but then goes to court to fight California's attempt to tax it and also sent the DEA and FBI to raid the operations in Montana.

    But who's counting. . .Guantanamo is still open, Iraq isn't over, Afghanistan has more troops than ever, health care is a mess, the economy is shaky, unemployment is still over 9%, We're in Libya, we're not in Libya, we give money to South America for off-shore drilling investment and we deny our off-shore companies from commencing activity in the gulf!!!!!

  4. the feds don't need no stinking med marijuana taxes...
    they got the resources of the 160 nations they arm for free...
    your state might need the money...
    but you don't count.

  5. The legislature should be spending its valuable time doing the business of the people of Montana rather than waste time on this nonsense.

    The people of the State of Montana have spoken.

    If this is overturned, the only effective way for the average citizen to protest is when he or she is called to jury duty.

    Whatever the crime, let them off.

    It would be a great reminder to the state and local government of who THEY work for.

    The people of Montana should never forget that we are the owners of this state, and the employers of these government officials.

  6. schweitzer will be bustin out his veto brand for this one.

  7. So let me ask you Deconstructor, what will you say when the accused criminal you let off to prove a point does something that harms someone?

    Jury nullification, which is what you are suggesting, isn't going to send a message to anyone in regards to the subject at hand.

    If you want to get the attention of the idiots, vote em out.