Friday, March 25, 2011

Free Guns for Dish Network Subscribers

Photo provided by Hamilton Radio Shack
 Thanks to Corrector reader Redneck Joe for pointing out this story in the Ravalli Republic

The Hamilton Radio Shack has been offering a free gun to any “qualifying” customer that buys a Dish Network. Store owner Steve Strand, who by the way is formerly from Havre and owned the Radio Shack Store here, said they were trying to think of some ways to generate more foot traffic when they came up with this idea. The idea has worked apparently.

Read the whole story here at the Ravalli Republic


  1. I love this story

    More businesses should follow their example.

  2. I'd rather have a toaster.

  3. and when the feds shut off the ammo...

  4. Magpie I will trade you a toaster for a gun any time you would like. I might even throw in a mixer if you have something nice!
    Johnson, I wish you could see me rolling my eyes at your comment.

  5. i don't care about your rolling eyes...
    the feds own ammo...
    in fact...
    you must know their tax is 11%...
    it is available at their kindness...
    look it up...
    roll you dough...

  6. They charge a tax on electricity as well, so much for magpie's toaster.

  7. and what they tax they ultimately own.
    you buy, or use, at their pleasure.
    did you get the test run on the "shortage" of ammo and primers in the last couple year?
    test run...
    just a test run.

  8. Hahaha only in Montucky.... or maybe Texass... Love it