Thursday, March 10, 2011

Medical Marijuana Hits the Fan Tomorrow

Medical Marijuana is heading for front stage again as the legislature starts hearing testimony on several bills aimed at either controlling or outright banning of medical marijuana beginning at 8 am tomorrow (Friday 3/11/11)  in the Capital. The “biggie” is HB 161 which would totally eliminate the legality of the marijuana business. (kind of reminds me of what the Democrat controlled bunch did a few years ago to the elk “farmers”) Also on the docket for tomorrow are several other drug and alcohol bills to “clarify” complaint processes or revise regulations or lack thereof. The group called Montana Safe Community Safe Kids has been rallying their troops to have a big turnout at tomorrow’s hearings. Likewise, the people (and lobbyists) representing medical marijuana growers/patients are also notifying those concerned to be on hand to protect the so called medical marijuana “Industry”

Safe Community Safe Kids has been airing the following commercial in opposition to medical marijuana.

Now for the other sides story.  Can the medical marijuana business be beneficial to Montana?  Thanks to Shawn for sending this link to a story in the New York Times called In Montana, an Economic Boon Faces Repeal Effort. The rather lengthy article talks about the down turn in the Montana economy and how the medical marijuana businesses has provided a source of income for hundreds of formerly unemployed Montanans. The article brings out some of the positive aspects of this new and thriving business.  Be sure and click above for the New York Times article.

Obviously there are two sides to this question. What would be a reasonable compromise?


  1. montana has a history of being chronically behind...
    but refeer madness 2011...
    medical marijuana has little, possibly no effect on montana's well known and extensive drug problem.

  2. Before pot was legal everyone that wanted it had it, now that medical pot is legal those that need it can have legally have it.
    I think the republicans are making a mistake. I find myself wincing with pain from agreeing with Johnson's statement.
    Prohibition was a fiasco and future generations will look back at marijuana the same way.

  3. I was ok with medical marijuana but the law has evolved into an open license for drug dealers with no oversite. We may have to repeal this bad law and vote in something that takes care of the problemss

  4. I'm sorry, but I think that little girl needs to stand up for herself! She isn't 2!! A repeal is a mistake, reform is a must. I voted for MM but I did not vote for caravans and I did not vote for anyone with a stubbed toe to qualify for it! Changes are in order!

  5. Who is marijuana use, even if for non medical uses, hurting? Too often, we have the Calvinists who think that if someone is having fun, we must make it illegal.

    Put a $50 fine for smoking in public and call it good. Then go after the real criminals.

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