Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Economic "Terrorism"

I know, I know, not everyone likes Glen Beck so I rarely post anything on here that is attributed to him but the following segment is just too good to ignore. Interesting the Beck show has recorded a left-wing groups plan to wreck economic chaos on America and collapse our economy. Can our government be overthrown from within?

Beck’s program is rather long (40 minutes) so if you want to hear the audio of the economic terrorism “plan” fast forward to about minute nine.


  1. At the beginning of Glen Beck's program he presented the difference between Good and Evil. He states that Evil likes to spread Chaos, Hate and Anger. He presents himself as Good and then turns around and spends the rest of the show spreading Chaos, Hate and Anger.

    He's a broadcast slickster no different than Howard Stern, Art Bell and the like telling a chosen audience what they want to hear and making big bucks doing so. Soap Operas do the same thing.

    I prefer Speedvision myself.

  2. Glen Beck, Alfred E. Newman, Larry, Moe, and Curly, just a few of the greats in slapstick!

  3. corrector is just joking...