Thursday, June 30, 2011

Obama now Worried about Medical Marijuana

President Obama told Federal agents to ignore the Federal laws regarding Marijuana when he first was elected and now it is reported in Reason Magazine that he has now reversed himself and has directed Federal Agents to come down hard on illicit marijuana operations even in the states that have legalized medical marijuana operations. Why the change of heart? Read the full story at Reason Magazine

Kind of reminds me of the City Councils recent vote banning driving while under the influence of Cell Phones and then the second guessing just a few days later.

Must be an election year


  1. The first line in your post is incorrect. Obama never told them to "ignore" the law.

    I didn't get any farther than that as I don't expect much of the rest of your post to be accurate if the 1st line is so blatantly wrong.

  2. I think that you are splitting hairs surely. In 2008 the Ogden Memo put out by our president declared that federal law-enforcement officials shouldn't expend resources going after people who are in "clear and unambiguous compliance" with their state's medical-marijuana laws. That sounds like fancy educated talk for "ignore".

    If you look back, that is when the explosion of cards took place. You would think that when your president says something, it should be the way it is. But not this president, he changed his mind. His perogitive i know, but all those all those people who got cards did so because they though they would be safe from prosecution. He threw alot of people under the bus.

    They should pass that bill in congress that takes weed off of schedual 1 (with heroin and cocaine). The only place weed is that dangerous is in prohibitionist minds.

  3. The real problem comes from the misinformation that continues to be promoted by the AA/NA faith and their profitable arm, the recovery industry cartel.

    Marijuana is neither addictive nor is it a 'gateway' drug.

    Addiction is a behavior rather than a 'disease', nor is it as the AA faith concludes, a 'spiritual disease'

    A very good starting point for effective management of marijuana as a medical resource and as a tax revenue generator would be the use of actual facts rather than the poorly run studies by the recovery industry or the superstition and folklore of the AA faith.

  4. I would tend to agree with the word ignore Surlyyoujest. Obama instructed the Feds to not spend any money dealing with marijuana. He also made the statement that states having passed medical marijuana laws could just deal with it themselves but still we saw the headline grabbing raids in Helena and other places across the state.

    By not reading further you missed all the facts.

    No matter what political party you claim to be you have to admit this guy is the worst president this nation has ever seen

    Even worse than Jimmy Carter

    I hope we can survive his time in power