Monday, August 1, 2011

Havre Water -- Good Enough for Thee but not for ME

It appears that Murphy’s Pub is putting up a mighty fine fight against the recent boycott hex placed upon them for daring speak out about Havre’s dirty (looking) water. What could be better than a pint of Pale Ale to wash away your troubles? I didn’t have time to pop in tonight to see if there was a place to actually sit as I was late for dinner and my belly takes precedent over idle curiosity about the negative effects of another failed boycott by a local democrat leader.

Interestingly these complaints to the public works department came to public light 6-7 weeks ago and as far as we know nothing has been changed in the water treatment process. People calling the water department to complain have told us that the voice on the phone from public works tells them nothing is wrong with the water and it is perfectly safe to drink. Those of us at the Corrector take them at their word for this and continue to make our coffee and cook with this water.

Good Enough for Thee but Not For Me

However we are confused about something. If the water is so great why is it that the public works department themselves have a Culligan water cooler and have bottled water delivered to City Hall for their own use? It would seem to me that the expense of bottled water shouldn’t be shouldered by us city peasants who don’t have the luxury of a never ending source of tax money to fund clean water delivered for our own consumption like they do down at the palace. Furthermore, a council that just voted to make using cell phone use illegal while driving also shouldn’t be furnishing city paid cell phones for city employee use.  Wouldn't you say?

What is the matter with this picture?


  1. I not suprised that the city lads drink bottled water. Why are we paying for bottled water when we have a new 10 million $ water plant

    Get rid of the cooler and drink the same dirty slop as the rest of us.

  2. I guess it is bad when Tiajuanas water looks better than Havre City 'chunky style' water.

    I guess its still works to use for the Havre Fire Departmant to save another concrete foundation.

  3. Drinking culligan water while we drink smelly discolored water is just another way city hall shows their disdain for the hand that feeds them