Friday, June 24, 2011

Havre Council's Weekly Idiocy

Havre’s hopeless spineless City Council never ceases to amaze me. The Corrector reported back on June 7th that the Havre City Council had passed a cell phone ban on a 5-3 vote. Now apparently a few people disenchanted about this rash decision have actually called their council representatives to express their dismay with this lunacy and lo and behold Councilwoman Pam Hillary is now going to lead a charge by making a motion to repeal this new law even before it takes effect.

Hillary was quoted in the Havre Daily "News" as saying; “Law is law. It’s made by men, and men make mistakes.”

The only mistake the people of Havre made sweetie was voting this lot of bunglers onto the council in the first place. The council has deliberated dozens of controversial topics these past two years and yet has not followed through with ONE definitive decision. They pass and repeal, they attack and then slink off into the bushes or they simply do nothing for fear of offending someone. There are currently 8 council people representing 4 wards lead by Mayor Dim. One person from each ward is up for election this year and the filing deadline is June 30th.

I am willing to vote for that "Hope and Change" this time around


  1. As employees of the city- are the city council members subject to random drug testing?

    I would suggest that if they are not, each of these elected representatives should publicly VOLUNTEER for a drug test, so we the voters are aware they are not under the influence while making decisions for the people of Havre.

    With very real issues such as water quality needing attention rather than condescending patronization of concerned persons, I think drug testing the council is a rational request.

    We do not need our representatives to be wasting everyones time and resources.

  2. Don’t forget the cat leash law debated until we were all nauseated and then they voted to table

    Deconstructor are you pointing to any council member in particular?

  3. Unbelievable ! Comrade Pamsy Baby reaches into her Eastern Socialist rhetoric and enlightens the "fly over" people that "laws are made by men". What an astounding Epiphany!!!

    Perhaps instead of sitting on her "throne" on the City Council making facial contortions, acting like an elitist snob, she could have made more inquiries of us peeons in the hinterland! No way however, this pinko transplant is going to save us from ourselves! She also was going to protect her hero --- Mayor Dim! Her reward----Socialist Paradise where she can live forever off the public "tit".

  4. Pam did say initially that she only voted for the ban to spare Mayor Tim (or Mayor Dim as everyone here seems to like) from having to break a tie vote. Even Tim’s fellow Democrats don’t think he is capable of making a decision.

    We are the laughing stock of Montana

  5. I am pointing at all of them freddy.

    They are wasting the time and resources of the people of Havre while they should be conducting business that needs to be handled.

    I think the councils reaction to the complaints of the Best Western Hotel is inexcusable. The discolored laundry stains caused by that water will be the lasting impression many people visiting our city will remember.

    What if those visitors were here on business to research a business startup that would employ Havre people?

    This council should be more rightly called an orgy of incompetence.

  6. The Mayor and council are totally insane