Sunday, February 19, 2012

Voting Dead

Nearly 2 million dead people vote according to a recent article in the New York Post. In addition over 2.8 million people are registered to vote in more than one state. We have some of these same problems in Montana yet our election officials seem to like it this way. We still have same day registration and really don’t pay that close of attention to how many places a person receives ballots from. Efforts to even make minuscule improvements to Montana’s registration system brings cries of outrage from those that are concerned with the homeless being able to vote (with assistance of course) and the poor unorganized souls that can’t seem to get registered to vote even a day or so ahead of election day

How prevalent do you think voter frauds is in Montana?


  1. Question: How prevalent do you think voter frauds is in Montana?

    Answer: How organized is the Democrat party?

  2. It's not fraud if it's done in Butte. There, it's just business as usual.
    But here's a proposal: If you are going to register at the time you vote and you don't have a photo ID, then we need to take your picture and fingerprint you for use in a criminal prosecution if you lied.
    Of course the real problem are all the nursing homes where the staff vote for their patients. Haven't figured out a solution to that yet.

  3. The New York Post isn't the only paper churning out this story, however, all of the articles mention that voter-ID puts minorities at a disadvantage.

    While the Supreme Court has ruled that voter-ID is constitutional, the DOJ is still looking into the practice to determine if it does put minorities at a disadvantage. A quick search for information on this reveils several law suits against Holder and the DOJ from places like South Carolina and Texas. The DOJ categorizes disabled voters and senior citizens without IDs as minorities in this issue.

    However, the Black Caucus is calling the voter-ID as "a specific attempt to derail what surely would be and ought to be the re-election of Barack Obama" ~Rep. Donna Christensen (D-VI)~
    But wherever we find this argument, there are no reasonable nor rational explanations for it. Is it impossible for minorities to get an ID?
    The DOJ is looking at people who don't have an ID and the burden that would be placed upon them to obtain an ID. The Black Caucus and others say this is a burden upon ethnic minorities that would surely vote Democrat come November.

    Let's extrapolate and combine these two. Minorities without IDs. Aside from disabled Americans, how many minorities are without any form of ID? One source with some information on the number of illegals in this country is They are an NGO seeking immigration reform and they put the number of illegal immigrants in this country at 12 million back in 2010 (their last year for data) which shows a steady growth from 7 million in 2002.

    We can call my opinion here as conjecture, but it puts together more of a reason than the Obama administration puts together when they simply state that voter-ID will be a disadvantage for minorities with no further explanation as to why that would be.

    It is interesting that 1.8 million voters have died since the last election and 2.8 million voters have moved or become dual residents since the last election, but I find it far more interesting to look at the opposition against voter-ID because of the supposed oppression of minorities. It only raises the questions; "Why would it be a disadvantage to minorities?" and why can't any of those touting that excuse explain why?

    Voter fraud? You betcha there's voter fraud in this country. All one has to do is look deeper than RAG articles to find that out.

  4. Don’t know about the dead voting but hundreds of incompetents in group homes, nursing homes and other places vote with a little assistance from party people.

    I have witnessed it with my own eyes

    Isn’t this a crime?

  5. Freddy, it's only a crime should a Republican do this.

  6. I have been hearing for years about people voting out on the Reservation and then driving into Havre to vote again, and then laughing about it.

  7. If you want to ensure no voter fraud just follow the lead of the Republican Caucus in Iowa, no wait, they were not sure who won! Was it Romney or Santorum? I guess it depends on what day it was. How about the Republican caucus in Main? How many districts were not even counted when the party announced the winner? If these are the kind of people you think should ensure the quality and accuracy of voting in our state you need to look at all sides of the issue, not just what fits your preconcieved notion of how to fix the problem. A simple fix for part of the problem would be to mark a persons finger as some other countries do. Pretty simple solution if you think it is a problem. There are many ways to fix the various problems, quit whining and blaming the other guy, some constructive ideas would be a refreshing change.