Saturday, March 24, 2012

Obama’s Failed Energy Plan

Right after the election of Barack Obama the Wall Street Journal ran an article detailing the Obama agenda for the country. Obama’s energy strategy included assembling a team which included fellow Nobel Peace prize winning physicist Steven Chu as his Energy Secretary. The Obama goal was to “wean” the U.S. off of imported oil. Was the plan to expand drilling and glut the market with oil thus driving down the price? No, the plan was to promote “efficiency projects” and energy Secretary Chu was pressing for the raising of gas taxes to “coax consumers into buying more efficient cars and living in neighborhoods closer to work.”

Over the past four years the Obama team has not had much luck with convincing congress to increase the gas taxes but they have had some success in sliding billions of dollars into “greenie” initiatives that have increased America’s energy costs. Also the ramping up of EPA regulations have stymied electrical and gas plant expansions and limited production which in turn has caused increases in prices to consumers. Millions of dollars have been spent in alternative energy boondoggles including the much ballyhooed Solyndra Solar Energy federal guarantee that left the taxpayers out millions when the company folded. In addition the presidential team’s failure to take even the simplest actions to promote our energy self-sufficiency such as approving the Keystone Pipeline has caused our consumer prices to sky-rocket.

Last week President Obama tried to mitigate the damage his failure to support the Keystone Pipeline has caused his democrat political operatives by visiting Cushing, Oklahoma to give one of his “I support America” BS circus speeches to try and convince the people of Oklahoma that he was responsible for the approval of the Oklahoma section of the Keystone Pipeline. Contrary to what the president and his smoking teleprompter had to say this section of the pipeline was already approved “IN SPITE OF” his efforts and those of his behind the scenes energy team. How dumb does he think the American people truly are?

I think Daniel Graeber writing for Oil put it best when he said:
“Constituents in a democratic society have a reasonable expectation to get the information needed from their elites to make informed decisions at the ballot box. When emotional appeals, however, trump information, there's little actual knowledge gained, much less any value, from the ongoing political theater that is getting passed off as U.S. domestic energy policy”
President Obama and Senator Tester's belated sudden interest in what is best for the American consumer is nothing more than a well orchestrated farce on the voting public. I hope the American voters aren’t really as dim-witted as these guys think we are.


  1. Funny how American gas prices have mirrored the fluctuations of the world market precisely. I guess President Obama controls the entire oil market single-handedly. It’s also amazing, how, despite the fact that we’re supposed to “drill, moron, drill,” the United States is now a net oil exporter. That’s right, we sell more oil than we take in but gas prices are still going up. I have yet to meet a conservative that can honestly explain why that is. As for refusing to spend money, why is it that no conservative can ever tell me WHAT corporations should spend the money on? Hire more people to do…what? Fill demand? They’re already filling what demand there is. More employees won’t fill it any better. Despite this, the unemployment rate has steadily (if slowly) declined under Obama as opposed to skyrocketing under the conservative policies that the right pretends didn’t cause the crash in the first place.

  2. All I know is we are paying more for everything than we were 4 years ago.

    Coincidence? I think not

    We need to build more refineries and power plants (and pipeline) not throw up more roadblocks to progress

  3. 'All I know is we are paying more for everything than we were 4 years ago.'

    With the notable exception of taxes which Obama cut for over 95% of working families.

    I did not realize there were so many 1%ers living in trailer parks.

  4. That is ridiculous!

    Other than the Bush tax cuts that went into effect during the last 4 years no taxes were cut anywhere>

    That’s zero taxes cut. Didn’t your boy O’bummer also want to rescind those Bush tax cuts? You been sniffing to much glue sister

  5. What plan? He has no plan except to bankrupt america so he can implement the one world order with him on the throne

    gas prices are just one step in the move to bow to the almighty Obama faith being forced on us all

  6. Gasoline prices reflect higher world prices as demand from east Asia remains strong.

    The fact that the U.S. is now a net-exporter is consistent with higher prices as folks in east Asia are willing to buy from the U.S. because their domestic prices are higher than the freight-adjusted U.S. prices.

    If the U.S. was to drill, drill, drill this would increase the overall world supply and lead to lower prices in east Asia and in the U.S. domestic market.

  7. The reported unemployment rate has slowly declined because the gov't is reducing the labor force, the denominator is calculating the unemployment rate. If the gov't left the labor force statistic alone, the unemployment rate would be higher than currently reported.

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