Saturday, March 10, 2012

Democrats: Leaving 26 Montana House Seats Unopposed

The deadline to file for elected office is nearly upon us and according to the Montana Secretary of State’s office there are still races with no opposition. In the Senate there are 8 races where there is no opposition candidate. Four are uncontested for the Republicans and four for the Democrats. On the house side the Republicans are leaving 13 seats unopposed at this point and the Democrats have failed to field a candidate in a whooping 26 races. So much for all that clamor I have been hearing from my Democrat cohorts that the Republicans are in big trouble this election.  Even Cow Boy Ethics couldn't get a Democrat to file.

On the local side Incumbent Democrat Senator Jonathan Windy Boy is being challenged by Democrat Frank Smith from Poplar for Senate District 16 and as of today there is no Republican opposition. Democrat Incumbent Tony Belcourt has no opponent for House District 32. Republican incumbent Kris Hansen just this past Friday found herself in a contested race against Democrat Brenda Skornogoski for House District 33. Republican incumbent Wendy Warburton in House District 34 is left with Democrat challenger Karen Sloan opposing her after Senator Windy Boy’s wife, Sara Singer, withdrew from the race.

It looks like it is wrapping up to be an interesting election year in north-central Montana. From my vantage point there doesn’t appear to be much change in local representation in our future.


  1. I know Frank Smith

    He is a a businessman and pays his taxes. Jonathan has been in office far too long

  2. The Hansen and Warburton gals seem to be getting only mediocre challengers. I wouldn’t trust Sloan with my firearm freedoms and I doubt any of my hunting buds will either. If Skornogoski was running for junk collector or as the candidate who could pile refuse the highest she would be my choice but clean junk-yard free neighborhoods are more important to me so I will stay with the pro-hunting Hansen. Too bad I can only vote for one of them.