Saturday, March 10, 2012

Tilleman Withdraws from Senate District 17 Race

Last fall the local Republicans interviewed a slate of candidates from which they were to make a selection to replace Republican Senator Rowlie Hutton who was relinquishing the seat to move to Nebraska. The republicans selected Donnie Richman from Harlem as their preferred choice and added the names of Craig Tilleman and Les Bender as alternates because state law requires that at least 3 names be submitted to the commissioners when an office holder no longer can serve.

If you may recall Democrat Hill County Commissioners Wendland and Bessette decided that they would cast one of their infamous Secret Votes to get around appointing Don Richman, the republicans first choice, and went ahead and voted for Tilleman. Tilleman was selected to be the replacement Senator and a good yuk-yuk was had by our democrat commissioners. Well it appears that Tilleman has decided not to pursue election to the Senate and has withdrawn from the race. Unless someone else files by the 5 pm deadline on Monday Republican Don Richman will be face Democrat Greg Jergeson in the November election for the Senate District 17 seat.


  1. I wish Cathy Bessette was running again so I could vote against her. My vote would be in secret so I could lie to her face and say I did vote for her

  2. I don’t know much about the senate candidates. Which one is the most favorable to my 2nd amendment rights?

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