Thursday, March 8, 2012

Guantanamo Bay Soccer Anyone?

I am confused. When Senator Barack Obama was running for president 3-4 years ago he repeatedly stated that he would end all the “Bush Wars” his first year in office and he promised that he would shut down places like the Guantanamo Bay prison camp his very first week in office. Senator Tester campaigned on the promise that he would vote to defund any military action involving the so called Bush war and we would get war-mongering stopped with his help. While it is obvious that neither of these guys tell the truth what really takes the cake is a recent report of expansion plans at Guantanamo. I am not going to be an arm chair general and try to debate how the military actions should be run but I find it disturbing that the Guantanamo expansion plans included a $750,000 soccer field at taxpayer expense.

It appears that the powers to be think that spending three-quarters of a million dollars on a soccer field will make the detainees easier to manage. A Fox News report says that the new field has been specially constructed so that the detainees can have access about 20 hours per day and can come and go without military escort.

Now isn’t that grand? Here in Havre some poor schmuck trying to raise a few thousand dollars to run a homeless shelter to help the less fortunate is having a heck of a time getting help for a worthy project and we are squandering millions making sure foreign prisoners of war are comfortable and have some additional recreational opportunities.

Rather a sad state of affairs wouldn’t you say?  Be sure and ask our good Senator “No Ear Marks Ever” Tester about this as he is out on the campaign trail


  1. What’s a few hundred thousand to keep the presidents friends happy?
    A million dollars here or there doesn’t seem to bother any of the 535 people representing us in congress that are voting on these things.

  2. I am planning on voting no to all the incumbents.

    I am just sorry that I am forced to vote for Rehberg because he is the lesser evil of the Tester-Rehberg match.

    What is it that they don’t understand? We have had it with them ignoring our wishes and this continual waste of our tax contributions. I think I speak for members of all political parties when I say that.