Monday, March 12, 2012

Tapping Capitalism

The Montana Policy Institute (MPI) will be in Havre March 15th as part of their “Tapping” Capitalism” tour to give a presentation over lunch at the Duck Inn from 11:45 to 1 pm. The MPI is a nonpartisan research organization that specializes in doing the research to equip our Montana decision makers to make intelligent decisions when it comes to state and local policies. The MPI explains through their research how to knock down barriers to Montana’s prosperity.

Carl Graham

Have you ever wondered why Montana is ranked 49th in Income? Or why we never seem to hop aboard the economic train we see rolling through neighboring states and elsewhere. The Montana Policy Institute says they can point to solutions. Come to lunch and Thursday and hear Carl Graham from Montana Policy Institute present a plan to encourage free markets and a free people in our Treasure State. Presentation will be made in Great Falls and Lewistown on March 14th and in Havre on the 15th. Go to the Montana Policy Institute to register for what appears will be a very informative session.

Also as you check out the Policy Institutes website you will notice a host of links for further information. I especially have found the “Pork Report” interesting and informative. You will be surprised where we spend our money.  The following video was taken from the MPI website and you can pre-register for the lunch here

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