Friday, March 30, 2012

Blogger Changes

The host we use for this blog at blogger dot com has started making some changes in their templates and formats which will continue thru April. During one of these so called “upgrades” we lost our “subscribe to comments by e-mail button.” I spent several hours last night talking to fellow bloggers trying to get a handle on what these changes will do for us or to us. No one seems to know how to get the e-mail feature turned back on other than to embed the comments which we have done for now. Maybe you will even like it better. Let us know

Hopefully all transitions will be smooth but we are willing to listen to suggestions from our readers as we try to learn new processes. I must be moving down the road to the “old person stage” because I don’t really like change after I learn a process.

Please bear with us as we learn the new features


  1. Subscribe to follow up comments on the right below

    1. You can now reply to a specific comment right below that persons comment post

      It will indent the reply like this. I think I am going to like this feature. You can also add a profile picture to your comments by clicking preview

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