Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Redistributing Wealth and Power SEIU Style

Former SEIU Union thug Stephen Lerner is back in the news with more on his plan to redistribute the wealth in America thru economic terrorism. Lerner is a frequent advisor to President Obama and the SEIU spent over $485 million in union dues funding the Obama presidential race. Lerner still retains a seat on the SEIU executive committee and is actively involved in the Occupy Wall Street nonsense along with the likes of George Soros, Nancy Pelosi and our own Great Leader Obama.

Lerner revealed in an interview this week shown over at Breitbart News that he has been using the Occupy Movement as the backbone of his plan to redistribute the wealth and power in the United States. Lerner says “we’re at that sweet spot ……. where we can put millions of people in the street.”

Lerner reveals the left’s plan in the following video to take down US capitalism and redistribute wealth and power.  Hear the entire uncut version over at The Blaze.  Don’t these guys know that the Bolshevik revolution is over?  If it didn’t work back at the turn of the century why do they think it will work this time?  Apparently they are ok with soup lines and people living in the streets.


  1. The SEIU spent 485 million on an election? That makes me angry

    Why should union dues be used to help with an election when all dues paying members don't first get to vote on that expenditure?

  2. I never did understand why people would give their hard earned money to an organization that is supposed to be protecting their rights. Instead they use your money for their own political agenda. You can bet the workers that are paying these dues never intended them for supporting someone who wants to redistribute their wealth.

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