Monday, March 12, 2012

Republican Debi Rhines files for Hill County Commissioner

Filing for elected offices closed tonight at 5 pm with a couple of surprises. Republican Debi Rhines filed for Hill County Commissioner. Rhines will face the winner of the Democrat primary race between North Havre farmer Mark Peterson and Debbie Walker the Hill County road department office manager. Incumbent Kathy Bessette is not seeking reelection.

In Senate District 17 Republican Don Richman from Harlem will face a primary challenge from Harlem resident Republican Doug Stuart who filed today. The winner of the primary will face an old time Blaine County Democrat Greg Jergeson who has retired from the public service commission.

In other state races the Secretary of State’s office reports that in the 100 house races there are 51 Republican incumbents compared to 19 Democrat incumbents facing challengers. In 3 seats the Democrat faces no opposition and will win by default and likewise 12 Republicans candidates will be elected by default since there is no opposition. On the Senate side 3 seats have been handed to unopposed Democrats with no Republicans challenging.

Democratic Heather Margolis surprised some people by filing against Democrat Steve Bullock at the last hour.  Many are already calling it a token campaign to help Bullock by allowing him to keep a vast amount of campaign contributions which can only be kept if he has primary opposition. Just another in the long list of loopholes that can be taken advantage of by one of our not too ethical candidates. Democrats Bullock and Margolis will be joined by 7 Republicans, 1 Independent and a Libertarian in the race for governor.

See the full list of all the final candidates here


  1. I like Rhines and think she would make a great commissioner and I could support her.

    As for that weasel Doug Stuart can anyone tell me of one business at which he has succeeded? Retired farmer my rear! Just because you filed bankruptcy years ago doesn’t mean the businesses that got stuck have forgotten you. Ask the Independence Bank board of directors if you want the real story on Doug. It is common knowledge that Doug hates both Wendy Warburton and Don Richman. Do you think his filing might have anything to do with that? He has ran for office several times before where he trash talked about his opponent the whole race and still was soundly defeated.

    Are the local republicans backing this con artist?

  2. Anybody can file for most any office on whatever party ticket they want without a political party even knowing Jimbo. They don’t have to get permission. You can however look up candidate’s financial supporters on the political practices website which will tell you who actually does support them.

    I doubt anyone from any organized party supports him or for that matter even knew he was going to file

  3. Doug thinks everyone has forgotten his past shenanigans but we haven’t. Another nut that thinks everyone is dumb and can be dazzled by his crapola. We got your number long ago Doug and I don’t know a soul democrat or republican that will support you. I see the HDN story about this lamebrain is drawing some interesting comments as well.

  4. For anyone who may not be familiar with this individual, here is some background info that probably will not be published in his campaign ads.

  5. Glad you pointed that out DeConstructor

    That guy is a piece of work. The whole story Doug told the HDN reporter is all lies. Retired farmer my *** I guess the reporters don’t substantiate anything they print anymore

    I really like the part about his many degrees from New Hampshire and his trip to Wall Street getting waylaid by his ailing mother back home in Harlem. I have heard he has been going to state republican leaders and offering his international business “expertise” to them for a small sum. What a joke.

    Doug filed for this race so he can bad mouth Richman in the newspaper. Years ago Richman Insurance insured the Stuart crops and Doug tried to screw them out of the premium. As it turned out Richman was smarter that Doug and had his insurance check held up until his agency got paid and an enraged Doug leaped over his desk and actually bit Richman. In turn Richman beat his sorry hide and the whole town was witness. Doug’s hatred for Richman is what this is all about and he thinks since the HDN has a history of publishing negative stories he can get a few lies in print to cause Richman to lose the election

  6. I'm glad that people really know this crook for what he trully is. I had the unfortunate oppurtunity of watching this loser in action several years ago. He lives, eats, and breaths corruption. He has screwed every person he has ever dealt with including his own dad. Who by the way was a hard working man that didn't deserve the likes of him for a son.