Wednesday, April 4, 2012

America's Royal Family Spring Break Vacation

Why is it you have never seen a story about Malia Obama, the 13 year old daughter of president Obama, jetting off with 25 secret service agents to Oaxaca, Mexico for a little spring break vacation? I first saw the story on the Edmonton Journal clear back on March 19th. Subsequent news reports stated that Malia was on a school trip with 10 of her school classmates and her security was being handled by the 25 Secret Service agents as well as the Mexican police.

It appears that the White House asked media outlets to remove articles about the visit from their websites. The White House lifted the news blackout after a strong earthquake hit Oaxaca and they released a press release saying everyone was alright.

While it bothers me that the taxpayers are on the hook for millions for this trip because of the cost associated with Secret Service and costs paid to the Mexican police what I really find disturbing is the fact that the White House has the power to scrub all traces of the story from the internet. Seems kind of like a political news blackout similar to how third world countries routinely do to control their subjective citizens. Is that what America has become?

The Prudence Paine Papers has posted a lengthy story entitled “Someone’s Scrubbing the Internet of First Daughter’s Taxpayer-Footed Extravagant Spring Break” that is well worth the read. They state that the “White House or someone with extreme power is attempting to scrub the entire news media of any mention of this outrageous expense.” Apparently news articles of this trip were being written and posted at online sites but they were mysteriously vanishing after they were posted. Click on the link in red above to read the entire story.

If you actually knew about this story and have been worried about the safety of Malia Obama while vacationing in a country known for their drug wars and gang-land killings you can breathe a sigh of relief because ABC News is reporting that Michelle and the girls are now vacationing in Las Vegas. You may recall that earlier this year while speaking about the recession President Obama said we all have to tighten our belts and pull together. The exact quote was something to the effect that you don’t go to Vegas to blow a bunch of cash when you are trying to save for college. I guess he just means the rest of us and not him and his royal family personally.

It’s not all fun and games for the First Family girls however, it was reported on ABC News that they will be traveling on to San Francisco, Senator Tester’s favorite liberal vacation paradise, to hold a political fundraiser and to give the girls a chance to meet Taylor Swift. 

Is it just me or do these people really hold utter disdain for the American taxpayers?


  1. I would be interested to know what that trip cost us.

    I can see someone in the public not wanting their kid’s activities broadcast on the news for fear of their safety. Erasing information from the internet is another matter. Isn’t that what communist china and some of the radical muslim countries have been doing for years?

  2. At least I can afford to take the kids to Great Falls to the water park once every summer.

  3. I was thinking that hauling my daughter to Hays for a basketball game was pushing the envelope.

  4. What is a few million $$$$$$ when you are trillions in debt? When you have a stressful job you deserve to relax every month or so.

    Obama is stimulating secret service jobs