Monday, April 16, 2012

MEA-MFT speaks against Capitalism

I don’t know how many of you read the MEA-MFT Today newsletter but it has gotten to be nothing more than a liberal propaganda piece full of exaggerations, political innuendos and out-right bull. So much for just sticking to advocating for the “little guy” as they like to label their union members.

For instance, the March issue starts off with a bizarre article about how “ultra-rich, ultra-right wing players” like the Koch brothers are “orchestrating attacks” on public schools. Later in the newsletter when talking of the Koch brothers MEA-MFT President Eric Feaver was quoted as saying “Everything that matters to our members is at stake: their jobs, their rights, their families and communities, the very existence of public education and services in this state.” Melanie Carlson, president of the Missoula Education Association, is then quoted as saying that the Koch brothers and the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) has even infiltrated our local Montana legislature and MEA-MFT members should begin giving $5 a month to the MEA-MFT political action committee to “fight back.” Are you kidding me?

Ironically the newsletter also reported that the billionaire Koch brothers have been donating huge amounts of “six-, seven-, and eight figures” cash gifts to public higher learning institutions. The MEA-MFT position is that academics should be leery considering Koch’s anti-government activism. So are they saying they should turn down millions of dollars of donations because the donor is a capitalist? Here I thought the favored academic chant was "We Need Mo' Money"

The Koch brothers have actually had the audacity of dictating that they want their donations to go towards the “expansion of centers to study capitalism, free enterprise, and economic freedom.” Considering that the new wave of university study is geared towards topics such as Wall Street Occupiers and Marxism this capitalistic approach is something that should be viewed with skepticism according to the people that hold your union dues in their bulging political action committee bank account.

MEA-MFT Political Director Terry Minow reported that the MEA-MFT Board of Directors have declared the 2012 elections a state-wide “crisis.” A “Crisis Team” has spent “hundreds of hours interviewing candidates, reviewing voting records, and scrutinizing candidates’ position papers.” This propaganda info-mercial then went on to state as fact that they have given every politician a fair shake and “recommendations are based solely on issues. Personality and political party play no role.”

Interestingly when the actual “recommendations” are made as to who the members should support the list began with Democrats and ended with Democrats without a mention of anyone from any other political party. I am sure the process was fair and this over-sight was just a coincidence. Apparently, according to this tripe, all political parties other than Democrats want to just close up the schools and go back to the system of the 1800’s when book learning was viewed as keeping kids from their labors on the farm.

I often wonder why it is legal to force union members to render financial dues like a hostage at gun point to an organization that doesn’t represent the political views of all members. I assure you that I know teachers that think some people on your recommended vote list like Senator Jon Tester have done irreparable harm to our country with their out of touch agendas. Why should hostage union members that don't agree with these selections have to fund via extortian a political action committees like this farce operated by the MEA-MFT  under the direction of Eric Feaver?

On the bright side however, I now have the MEA-MFT union’s “recommended” voting list to take to the polls so I know with certainty which candidates to vote against.


  1. Perhaps you should as Wisconsin soon to be exgovernor Scott Walker how that attitude is working for him.

    Union busters such as the Kock brothers and walmart are forgetting they are killing their own markets by attempting to kill the middle clas
    The older getion, I think, is viewing things like the Occupy Movement like the counter culture of the 60's. It is not, as many of these people want jobs, and a roof over their head. The union busters have destroyed many of the good jobs in the US, and the corrupt banking/political/healthcare systems have taken these peoples homes. They are here to stay.

    The good news is that since the republican party has chosen such an unelectable presidential nominee, we will have a democratic house, senate, and prez after election day.

    Hopefully, Obama will have the opportunity to pick some judges that will sympathize with the fight on corruption that is happening in our legislative branch of government, we will get single payer healthcare for everyone in the US, and unions in our country can get some badly needed political support.

  2. Both political parties have their boogeyman and political catch words. Democrats fear Karl Rove, the Koch brothers and the vast right-wing conspiracy. Republicans see George Soros in every shadow and shudder in the presence of environmentalists and Nancy Pelosi.

    Does anyone actually pay any attention to these kooks from both parties when they throw out these buzz words?

  3. Oh my DeCon, a little shiver just went up my spine while reading your description of your liberal utopia, thankfully those of us living in reality are somewhat more skeptical of our future than the one you've painted for us, with all due respect of course!

    I could honestly give a rats a$$ what Eric Feaver thinks, I for one have never feasted at the table of Eric Feaver and his cohorts in the "education" lobby in Helena. They are destructive, egotistical, maniacal wind bags, bless their hearts, and it's high time their shakedown is called out into the light. Great post HDC, I for one am looking forward to seeing our President and esteemed Governor out looking for work in this economy they've created. Perhaps Eric will be hiring!

    Oh one more thing DeCon, I would be careful wagering too much on the Wisconsin election, Scott Walker will not go down without a fight and the savings the people of Wisconsin have already saved cannot be disputed. Our public employee union colleagues must come to realize one way or the other that they are not irreplaceable and cannot continue to run roughshod over the U.S. taxpayer forever.

    In the meantime, here's a little prayer to help you cope with the stress of the election season. I pray this one all the time...

    "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference."

  4. The only good thing about having a democratic house, senate and president is maybe they will speed up the destruction of our current government. Then we can get some people that understand how a constitutional republic is supposed to work in office and start getting this country functional again. We've been kicking the can down the road so long most people have forgot that sooner or later the game is over.

  5. Our school comrades are worried about taking free money from overt capitalists because they might expect something in return which is never a requirement with normal socialistic cash infusions.

    When they say they need more money they only mean money that can be spent with no oversight, benchmarks or accountability required.

  6. That ALEC crowd is pushing for laws in all the states that would require a person to show an ID before they were allowed to vote. We can’t condone radical thinking like that if we want to keep voting half the Butte cemetery residents. I can understand why the education union is upset

  7. You can't require id's to vote or the mill levies might not pass jimbo