Friday, April 6, 2012

Smoking May become a Primary Traffic Offense

I don’t know if Havre councilman Woody Woodwick or former HDN publisher Val Murri read the Washington Times so I wanted to mention this story because I am sure they will love it. Now that we have cut thousands of vehicular accidents in Havre because of the cell phone ban championed by Woodwick and Murri they might want to be the voice to likewise save bazillions of kids that are dying daily from second hand smoke.

The Times reports that the Maryland Senate just passed a bill to ban all smoking in cars carrying kids under the age of 8. Supporters say they have “studies” so it must be a bona fide problem. The best part is that Maryland’s new smoking ban will be a primary offense so any officer seeing them light up may pull them over and ticket them. No mention was made about residual smoke even when a kid is not along but there are studies supporting that also so I suspect that could be next. After all – why do you think most new cars no longer come with ashtrays?

Come on Havre Council. Ban smoking in all cars to save the innocent from smoke or worse yet the residual smoke. It is just so unfair to those of us that can’t buy a used car without that ashtray smell in the headliner.

Source: Washington Times

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  1. You shouldn't make fun of them. They might take you serious and add some more ordinainces

    We need a doggie seat belt law

    and a law that says cars can't be painted white because you can't see them in a snowstorm