Tuesday, April 3, 2012

U.S. Postal Service Wants to Opt-Out of Government Health Insurance

Isn’t this ironic? The Supreme Court has just heard arguments on the legitimacy of the new healthcare law (now officially called ObamaCare) and now CBS News is reporting that theU.S. Postal Service wants to opt out of the Federal Employee Health Benefits Plan and go with a private plan.

Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe testified before the House Oversight Committee that he can provide the same benefits thru the private sector for far less money. CBS also reported that the USPS recently released a financial plan which counts on cuts to their health Insurance costs the closure of a few rural post offices as the main-stay in their quest to stop the yearly USPS deficit spending.

I only had to think about that 2 seconds to wonder how prudent it was to count on something like health insurance costs not to rising, operational costs decreasing and mail delivery revenues to increase. The Postmaster General makes the big bucks, or should I say the huge bucks, so I guess I must not understand prudent business practices as well as he does.

Oddly some of the Democrats on the House Oversight Committee questioned the feasibility of the USPS plan. There you have it. The big plan is to cut a health cost that is historically ever increasing, down grade service and increase mail usage. Three very unlikely solutions.

Not one mention was made wanting to add all federal USPS employees onto the President – Tester ObamaCare plan. Shouldn’t government employees be the very first to be required to join ObamaCare that was being touted as so good for the rest of us?

Maybe the postal service should consider putting mail services out for bids on the private sector and just get out of the business all together?


  1. Every single government worker should be insured under Obama care. That includes congressmen and their staffs, state legislators, county workers and anybody whose paycheck comes from a governmentally funded agency. They should be the very first to be signed up so the rest of us can see how wonderful it will work. If the postal service has lost money since 2006 they should be changing their business model to change with the times or they will never operate in the black.

  2. I agree with Jim. If health insurance is a benefit of the job make it Obama's plan

  3. Anyone that can find a job that has any kind of insurance provided is very fortunate

    1. I agree with this under Obama's plan every single person will be comes in to take insurance. Every person will get some benefits with the help of this rule.

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